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1Night 2Last 3Ever is StarKid's second sketch comedy show at Second City's UP Comedy Club. The overarching plot of the show follows the story of the fictitious 90s boy band, 3EVER, after they have become outdated to the public eye. The other sketches in the show relate to the experiences of people who grew up in the 90s.

Preceding the premiere, Jeff Blim, Daniel Strauss, and Joe Walker did a series of shorts on YouTube where they answered "fan questions" as Angel, Victor, and Eldon, respectively.

The poster for 1night 2last 3ever

This show is exclusively available through purchase on the StarKid store website.


Revisit your childhood with 1night 2last 3EVER, Team Starkid's second show at the Second City! Set to the theme of 90's Pop Nostalgia, 3EVER (for short) tackles such timely topics as boy bands, cereal commercials, and dial-up modems. Directed by Brian Holden and written by the cast, 3EVER never fails to deliver big laughs in the city of big shoulders.


Cast Member Roles
Jeff Blim Angel, Ensemble
Denise Donovan MC D, Ensemble
Nick Gage Pete Patterson, The Boy Band Whisperer
Brian Holden Radio Announcer, Man on Escalator
Lauren Lopez Baby Oil, Ensemble
Pat Rourke Andrew Lump, Ensemble
Meredith Stepien Cherry Pop, Ensemble
Daniel Strauss Victor, Ensemble
Joe Walker Eldon, Ensemble

Production Team[]

Crew Member Position
Brian Holden Director
Nick Gage Music Director
Sarah Petty Lighting Designer, Stage Manager
Daniel Strauss Associate Producer