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A Very Potter Musical is the first original online musical released by Team StarKid. It is a musical parody of the Harry Potter series, taking its story primarily from the first, fourth and seventh books. This musical was written and performed by Team StarKid and released as a series of videos on YouTube on July 5th, 2009.

The show takes place during Harry Potter's second year at Hogwarts. Professor Quirrell, the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, reinstates the House Cup Tournament, and a champion from each House is chosen to compete. But when Voldemort uses the tournament to fulfill a plot to return to his body, things take a turn for the grim for Harry and his friends, who must find and destroy Voldemort's Horcruxes before it's too late.


This was the first musical released online by Team StarKid. The show was previously called Harry Potter: The Musical but had to be retitled due to copyright issues.

The plot mashes together elements from books 1, 2, 4, 6, and 7 in the series, but the musical is very much their own work, with unique subplots and interpretations of the characters.


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A cast recording of the production was released on July 29th, 2010 through Bandcamp. The album is currently available as a free download, though donations are requested when possible to avoid running out of the limited number of free downloads allowed by Bandcamp.


Act 1[]

In the first scene, we are gradually introduced to all the students on their way to Hogwarts, and once at Hogwarts we meet Professor Dumbledore ("Goin' Back to Hogwarts"). Snape enters and introduces Professor Quirrell, who reveals the recreation of the old House Cup Tournament, which is "Sort of like the Triwizard Tournament". Snape pulls out the names of the four contestants: Draco Malfoy for Slytherin, Cedric Diggory for Hufflepuff, Cho Chang for Ravenclaw and Harry Potter for Gryffindor. Hermione begs Dumbledore to let Harry drop out, but Dumbledore says it's impossible, as Harry would "explode at the speed of light".

Snape gives Dumbledore a bomb, disguised as a sandwich, which Hermione throws out of the way to save Dumbledore's life. Malfoy enters and taunts Harry about Pigfarts, another wizarding school "on Mars"; however, Harry doesn't believe him and he leaves with Hermione and Ron. Quirrell reveals Voldemort under his turban, and the two bicker about Quirrell's bad hygiene ("Different As Can Be"). Harry is planning to seduce Cho Chang, and plays the song he wrote for her to Ginny Weasley ("Ginny's Song"), who falls in love. Ron declares he saw big cages downstairs, and Hermione convinces the two of them to go investigate as it may relate to the first task; but Ron refuses to allow Ginny to come, so Ginny sings of her love ("Harry").

Voldemort convinces Quirrell to go out and get drunk. The Golden Trio go to investigate under the invisibility cloak, and bump into Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle. Malfoy proclaims that Hermione is a "9.8" out of ten for looks, before exiting. It is revealed that the first task will be to fight a dragon. Quirrell and Voldemort return, very drunk, and begin to grow close ("Different As Can Be (Reprise)"). Harry is in the Champion's Tent, and has neglected to do any research on dragons, due to sheer laziness. All the champions are assigned friendly-looking dragons, except Harry, who gets the terrifying Hungarian Horntail. He wins the fight by singing the dragon to sleep, then pinning it in a wrestling hold ("The Dragon Song").

Quirrell and Voldemort tamper with the ladle in the punch at the upcoming ball. The ball is held, and Ron insults Hermione, angering her. Malfoy attempts to stand up to Ron, but this leads to her slapping both boys. They both sing a duet professing their love for Hermione ("Granger Danger"). Harry and Ginny dance, until Harry gets anxious and takes Cho from dancing with Cedric. The boys try to impress Cho by grabbing the ladle to give her a drink at the same time, and are transported to a graveyard, the ladle having been a Portkey. Quirrell kills Cedric, and they use Harry's blood to separate him from Voldemort.

Ecstatic at having been restored to his body, Voldemort performs a dance number with his Death Eaters ("To Dance Again"). Bellatrix Lestrange enters and reveals a plan to kill Harry and blame Quirrell, to Quirrell's shock. Voldemort is reluctant, but is pressured into the plan, leaving Quirrell heartbroken. Harry escapes back to Hogwarts with the Portkey, and declares Voldemort to be still alive.

Act 2[]

The Minister for Magic, Cornelius Fudge, refuses to believe Voldemort has returned. Ron is heartbroken over Hermione rejecting him; and Hermione is heartbroken for the same reason. Both attempt to talk to Harry, but grow angry at him when he continues to obsess over Voldemort. Harry and Quirrell sing about how they miss Dumbledore and Voldemort, respectively ("Missing You"). Voldemort takes over the Ministry, killing Fudge. Malfoy and Snape meet with Voldemort, and the three plot to invade Hogwarts through the ventilation system.

Meanwhile, Dumbledore invites Harry, Ron and Hermione to his office and reveal the existence and nature of Voldemort's Horcruxes. The three all agree to hunt them down, but it is revealed Dumbledore that has destroyed them all except the one located in Hogwarts. Harry, Ron and Hermione all hide under the invisibility cloak, as Malfoy enters, intending to kill Dumbledore - however, he cannot do it, and the task falls to Snape. Voldemort and Bellatrix begin to flirt, but Voldemort cannot stop thinking of Quirrell, angering her. Harry feels alone and rejected, until Ginny, Hermione and Ron remind him they are always his friends ("Not Alone").

Malfoy enters, declaring himself to be good, and the group agree to hunt down the final Horcrux, which they successfully destroy. Bellatrix briefly holds them captive. Snape tries to save them, but is killed, after revealing there is one last Horcrux. Molly Weasley enters, kills Bellatrix and abruptly leaves again. Voldemort calls Harry into the woods, and he agrees to go - and is killed. Whilst dead, he sees a vision of Dumbledore, who reveals Harry was the secret, final Horcrux, and as a result has survived. Dumbledore then goes to Pigfarts.

Hermione, Ron and Ginny bring the students together to avenge Harry, until Harry returns and they vow to kill Voldemort ("Voldemort Is Going Down"). Voldemort and Harry fight, and Harry kills him. We cut to Quirrell, devastated at the news Voldemort is dead, and being released from Azkaban Prison. Voldemort appears to him, saying he cannot move on without Quirrell; and the two embrace. Everyone enters for the final number ("Not Alone (Reprise)")


Actor (*) Character
Julia Albain Vincent Crabbe
Jaime Lyn Beatty Ginny Weasley
Tyler Brunsman Cedric Diggory / Cornelius Fudge
Richard Campbell Neville Longbottom
Britney Coleman Bellatrix Lestrange / Hufflepuff Student
Darren Criss Harry Potter
Bonnie Gruesen Hermione Granger
Lauren Lopez Draco Malfoy
Devin Lytle Cho Chang
Lily Marks Pansy Parkinson / Molly Weasley / Ravenclaw Student / Death Eater
Joe Moses Severus Snape
Jim Povolo Gregory Goyle / Death Eater / Rumbleroar
Joey Richter Ron Weasley
Brian Rosenthal Quirinus Quirrell
Dylan Saunders Albus Dumbledore
Sango Tajima Lavender Brown / Death Eater
Joe Walker Lord Voldemort

(*) Bold names denote the actor's onstage Starkid debut


Director/Writer - Matt Lang

Assistant Director/Writer - Nick Lang

Writer - Brian Holden

Original Music - Darren Criss, A.J. Holmes

Stage Manager - Emily Stromberg

Lighting Design - Mary Clare Blake Booth

Set Design - Lisa Griebel

Costume Design - Marguerite Woodward

Choreography - Britney Coleman

Sound Design - Matt Glenn

Light Board Operator - Rachael D. Albert

Editor - Matt Lang


Piano - A.J. Holmes

Bass - Carlos Valdes

Drums, Guitar - Joe Carroll




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