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This page contains spoilers for Nightmare Time 2

Abstinence Camp features in the second episode of Nightmare Time 2, and is the third story of the second season of the live-stream reading. It was be performed on October 30, 2021 and is currently available via digital ticket.


Some kids dread it. Others look forward to it all year. That's right... Abstinence Camp. Where Hatchetfield's youth are sent to "Just. Say. No!" When nerdy prude Grace Chasity inadvertently starts a rumour about cool & popular Stephanie Lauter, the two find themselves stuck together for the summer. Along with a cast of kooky counselors and fellow campers, they discover the terrible secret of these woods. That something... or someone watches over them. Someone who punishes those who do not abstain. Someone who lumbers. Someone... with an axe!


The story opens with Stephanie Lauter puking into a toilet at Hatchetfield High, hungover after a night of partying. She's interrupted by Grace Chasity poking her head over the stall to check she's okay. After Grace fears Steph has got food poisoning from the cafeteria food Steph reassures her saying she just feels sick that morning. Grace puts together the combination of morning and sickness and immediately assumes Steph is pregnant which Steph sarcastically agrees to much to Grace's horror.

A few weeks later, Steph and her father Solomon Lauter are on their way to Camp Idontwannabang. Her father explains that he's sending her there due to the rumours circulating town about her being pregnant and how they're damaging his election campaign. Once at camp. Meanwhile, Ted Spankoffski drives his brother Pete to camp, reflecting on his own days at the camp, as he reflects Ted remembers the legend of Lumber-Axe the mad woodsman and kicks his brother from the car refusing to go any closer.

At camp, Steph is given a pink t-shirt that says Virginity Rocks! on the front, while at a check-in desk Pete has a zip-lock bag of chocolate bars confiscated despite his protests of low blood sugar. Later, Steph sits in an amphitheatre when she's joined by Grace Chasity who reveals it was her who spread the rumours about Steph's pregnancy. Before Steph can react, she's interrupted by the entrance of Girl Jeri and Boy Jerry, the camp directors and youth ministers who introduce themselves.

The next day, the campers gather in the arts and crafts pavilion where Boy Jerry teaches them how to make a wallet. Steph, entirely unamused by the camp, makes a sarcastic remark causing the directors to take her back to their office where they lecture her on the dangers of teen pregnancy but they're soon brought off track by their desire for each other. Later, while hiking Pete struggles to keep up with the rest of the group due to his low blood sugar. After Pete falls to his knees unable to continue, Steph stops next to him and offers him a chocolate bar. The two talk and joke for a while before bringing up the various rumours about them: Steph's pregnancy and how Pete whacked off during the M.E.A.P. test. They both agree that whatever happened or didn't happen in the bathroom should stay in the bathroom. Steph then leaves to go catch up with the rest of the group.

That night, the campers gather around the campfire as Gabe, another camper tells the story of Lumber-Axe the Mad Woodsman much to the scepticism of Pete and Steph. Later, Grace puts out the fire while Gabe watches. Gabe tries to admit his feeling to her but Grace is entirely oblivious and tells him how good a friend he is and leaves for her bunk. Irritated and turned on, Gabe goes to the arts and crafts pavilion to make a wallet but it doesn't work so he starts to get himself off. Deep in the woods, Lumber-Axe awakens and rushes to the arts and crafts pavilion where he murders Gabe and turns his skin into wallets where he's discovered by Girl Jeri the next morning.

Steph is about to shower in the girls' showers when she encounters Grace Chasity there showering in her bathing suit as it's camp policy. Steph goes to shower without a swimsuit but Grace stops her saying she's trying to help her. Irritated, Steph leaves to find somewhere else to shower. Grace follows her saying she won't leave her alone prompting Steph to go into the boys' washroom to shower.

In the washroom Pete is getting ready to shower, Steph is surprised by how jacked and kinda cute Pete is. The boy offers to leave her to shower in peace but she refuses and the two begin showering in separate stalls. Meanwhile, Grace rushes to find Girl Jeri and Boy Jerry who have just returned from burying the remains of Gabe and tells them what Steph and Pete are doing much to their horror. Back in the washroom, Steph and Pete joke about the axe-man and decide to test the theory by showering together but before Pete can enter Steph's stall they're interrupted by the Jerry's and Grace, stopping Lumber-Axe who was standing on the other side of the wall ready to kill them both the second Pete entered the stall.

Pete and Steph are taken to the camp directors office where Boy Jerry and Girl Jeri lecture them on their actions and the two are put in solitary confinement for the rest of the summer. Meanwhile, in the woods, campers Mary and Noah are making out when they're interrupted by the axe-man who kills them both, depositing their bodies on the camp directors desk.

On her way to solitary confinement, Steph bumps into Grace who attempts to protest her punishment and is told to take her complaints to the Jerrys. The Jerrys soon discover Mary and Noah's body parts and Girl Jeri almost phones the police before she's stopped by Boy Jerry who warns her that the police will dig around in their past. As they talk the Jerrys get closer almost making out when they're interrupted by Grace who is horrified to see Mary and Noah's bodies on the desk and runs away. Girl Jeri chases after her while Boy Jerry buries take the body parts to the woods to be buried.

In solitary confinement, Pete discovers an old pornographic magazine that belonged to his brother and is about to get off to it when Steph breaks down the door and tells him that they're leaving. The two wander through the woods trying to find their way out when they stumble across Boy Jerry, burying Mary and Noah. Boy Jerry turns on them trying to hit them with his shovel but it is stopped by Pete who snatches it from his hands and smacks him over the head with it. Pete then tries to break the shovel over his leg but fails breaking his leg instead. Steph jokes to him about how she's not into jocks and kisses him, however, as they part they find Lumber-Axe looming over them.

Meanwhile, Girl Jeri tries to explain to Grace how she had Lumber-Axe out of wedlock and raised him in the woods to avoid scandal but the woods caused him to grow fast and big and different. However, they're interrupted by Steph screaming. Pete and Steph attempt to run away from the axe-man but Pete's broken leg slows them down. Lumber-Axe throws Jerry's shovel at them but misses allowing Steph to grab it and jam it into his chest. However, Lumber-Axe smacks Steph sending her tumbling to the ground before advancing on her. Pete tries to save Steph by throwing everything he has at Lumber-Axe but nothing works until he throws the porn magazine. Lumber-Axe is unable to look at it and is backed by Steph into a tree and it seems like the teens have won. However, Lumber-Axe rips the tree from the ground and hurling it at Steph, pinning her to the ground and shredding the magazine.

Lumber-Axe is about the hit Steph with his axe but he's interrupted by Grace putting herself between them. She tells Lumber-Axe about how she's the biggest prude he'd ever meet before pointing out that his parents: Jerry and Jeri had sex outside of marriage. Lumber-Axe or Little Jerry becomes enraged and kills both his parents before handing Grace the axe and leaving. Pete and Steph attempt to continue leaving the camp but Grace refuses to let them leave. Days later, Grace stands in the arts and crafts tent instructing the campers on how to weave a basket. She oversees the camp keeping everyone in line via the threat of her axe. Meanwhile, at the edge of the woods, Lumber-Axe watches as his woods are finally clean.


Cast Member Character(s)
Angela Giarratana Grace Chasity
Mariah Rose Faith Stephanie Lauter
Curt Mega Lumber-Axe
Kim Whalen Girl Jeri
Jon Matteson Boy Jerry
Corey Dorris Solomon Lauter
Counselor 2
Camper 2
James Tolbert Noah
Lauren Lopez Mary
Joey Richter Ted Spankoffski
Nick Lang Narrator
Pete Spankoffski
Bryce Charles Counselor 1
Camper 1
Jeff Blim Gabe

Creative Team[]

Crew Member Job
Nick Lang Writer
Matt Lang Writer
Jeff Blim Composer
Matt Dahan Musical Director
Paul Gabriel Production Manager
Corey Lubowich Producer
Brian Holden Producer


Song Sung by
Axe Man Corey Dorris
Bryce Charles
Virginity Rocks Jon Matteson
Kim Whalen


  • The synopsis for the episode was released on October 27, 2021.
  • The story features the title in a different font.