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"You ready for that? For the whole town to know what you did… dirty girl?"
— Boy Jerry talking to Girl Jeri about their secretsrc

Boy Jerry is a character in the Hatchetfield Universe. He features in the Nightmare Time 2 story Abstinence Camp. He is the lover and colleague of Girl Jeri and the father of Lumber-Axe. Boy Jerry is played by Jon Matteson.

Production Played by Song
Nightmare Time Season 2 Abstinence Camp Jon Matteson Virginity Rocks

Abstinence Camp[]

Boy Jerry first appears after being introduced by Counselor 1 as one of Camp Idontwannabang's director and youth ministers. He and Girl Jeri appear and perform Virginity Rocks for the campers. They then introduce themselves, encourage the campers to remain abstinent. He then takes the boys to their cabins.

The next day, Boy Jerry is teaching the campers how to make wallets to get rid of their sexual frustration when Steph makes a sarcastic comment. Irritated by this, Boy Jerry takes Steph outside with Girl Jeri. The two start lecturing Steph on the dangers of teen pregnancy but soon lose focus instead find themselves yearning for each other instead. Upon realising Steph is there Boy Jerry send her back inside to make a wallet.

The following day, after Girl Jeri discovers Gabe's body in the arts and crafts pavilion, she and Jerry bury his remains in the woods. Upon emerging from the forest they are found by Grace Chasity who tells them that Steph has entered the boys' washroom. The two camp directors rush to the washroom only just stopping Steph and Pete from showering together and subsequently being murdered by Lumber-Axe. He and Jeri then take Steph and Pete outside the counselors' cabin where they lecture them. After Pete and Steph stand up for themselves, Jeri takes Steph to her new cabin in solitary confinement while Jerry talks to Pete. He accuses him of hitting on Girl Jeri and then sends him to solitary confinement.

Later, when Jerry and Jeri enter the administration office they discover the bodies of Mary and Noah on their desks. Jeri is tempted to call the police but Jerry stops here warning that the whole town of Hatchetfield will discover her secret. The two once again become entranced with each other and are about to kiss when they're interrupted by Grace screaming. Initially thinking Grace saw them almost kissing the two directors attempt to reason with Grace but then realise she's seen the bodies. As the girl runs off, Jeri chases after her while Jerry goes to bury the body parts in the woods.

While trying to escape from camp, Steph and Pete discover Jerry in the woods burying the bodies. He notices them and attacks them with the shovel he used to bury the bodies but Pete manages to snatch the shovel from his hands and hit him over the head with it. After defeating Jerry, Pete and Steph share a kiss marking them as targets of Lumber-Axe. As the two teens escape, Jerry orders Lumber-Axe to go and get them.

Meanwhile, Jeri who has caught up with Grace, tell the girl about how she and Jerry had their child Lumber-Axe or 'Lil Jerry' when they were teenagers and to avoid public embarrassment as they were both counselors at Camp Idontwannabang they raised him in the woods but due to the woods' strange powers Lumber-Axe grew extremely fast and while they tried to teach him about the importance of abstinence he took it too far.

After finally catching up to Lumber-Axe, Jerry discovers Grace stood in between the Axe-Man and Pete and Steph. He orders his son to kill them all citing the fact that he's his father and that he must obey him. However, Grace uses this to point out to Lumber-Axe that his parents fornicated. Enraged by this, the Axe-Man turns on his father splitting him entirely in half and killing him.

Personality and Traits[]

Boy Jerry initially appears to have a very upbeat and fun nature, however, when questioned he becomes increasingly hostile. As the story of Abstinence Camp progresses he becomes increasingly crazed and stressed to the point of even encouraging Lumber-Axe to murder campers.


  • Wallet Making- As part of his role as camp director and youth minister Boy Jerry teaches the campers how to make wallets.
  • Body Disposal-Jerry seems to have become very good at hiding and burying corpses. Probably because of how many times he's had to do it.


Boy and Girl Jeri in an image posted to Kim Whalen's Instagram

Girl Jeri[]

Boy Jerry is the co-director and former lover of Girl Jeri. The two were previously in a romantic relationship which resulted in teen pregnancy and the subsequent birth of their son Lil Jerry (later known as Lumber-Axe). They raised him in the woods together but the woods magic had an effect on Jerry which lead to him becoming the Axe-Man. Following this, both Boy Jerry and Girl Jeri became voluntarily celibate. However, the two still lust for each other and often find themselves nearly kissing or in other romantic situations.

Boy Jerry and Lumber-Axe shortly before Lumber-Axe kills him


Boy Jerry is the father of Lumber-Axe or 'Lil Jerry'. The result of a scandalous teen pregnancy, Lumber-Axe was raised in the woods where his two parents taught him the importance of staying abstinent. He took these lessons to heart and eventually went on to murder campers who didn't stay abstinent much to the horror of his parents. Following this, they attempted to cover up Lumber-Axe's murders burying his victims in the woods. Lumber-Axe eventually kills his father after realising he had sex outside of marriage.