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Brian Daniel Holden is an American audiobook narrator, writer, singer, actor based in Chicago. He is best known for his work with the American musical theatre company Team StarKid of which he was a founding member.

Early Life and Education[]

Brian was born in Traverse City, Michigan on August 27, 1995. He later attended the University of Michigan.


Brian works as an audiobook narrator having narrated over 50 audibooks. He has won two awards for his work in narrating including a Voice Arts Award ad a Parent's Choice Silver Award for his work in narrating Puss in Boots.

Brian previously worked at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago for 6 years and currently hosts a podcast for the Planetarium called REACH: A Space Podcast for Kids with his wife Meredith Stepien which has allowed them many opporuntiies including interviewing NASA Astronauts Mark Vande Hei and Megan McArthur while they were on board the International Space Station.


Brian met the members of StarKid while collaborating in UoM's university's student-run theatre organization. Their first play was based on The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, where he played Gollum. The show succeeded in developing a working relationship among the StarKids-to-be. At that point, there was no concept that they were in some sort of troupe — they were just friends with each other in the School of Music, Theatre & Dance. In 2007, Brian featured in the pre-StarKid web series Little White Lie as Zack

In 2009, Brian co-wrote, A Very Potter Musical (then known as Harry Potter the Musical) with Nick and Matt Lang. The production sold out all four of its performances at UMich. A recorded version of the show that was posted on YouTube for family members to watch went viral and StarKid Productions was founded by Brian, Darren Criss, Nick Lang and Matt Lang.

Since then Nick has collaborated in the writing of seven StarKid shows, as well as featuring in eight. He has also acted as a producer on numerous StarKid productions as well as featuring in two sketch shows, two concerts and two national tours.


Year Production Company Creative Role Acting Role
2007 Little White Lie Starkid Productions Zack
2009 A Very Potter Musical Starkid Productions Writer
2009 Me and My Dick Starkid Productions Writer
2010 A Very Potter Sequel Starkid Productions Writer Remus Lupin
2011 Starship Starkid Productions Writer Junior
2012 Holy Musical B@man! Starkid Productions Superman
2013 A Very Potter Senior Year Starkid Productions Writer Remus Lupin

Rubeus Hagrid


2014 Ani: A Parody Starkid Productions Jar Jar "J.J" Binks

Admiral Motti


2014 The Trail to Oregon! Starkid Productions Additional Writing
2016 Firebringer Starkid Productions Writer Smelly-Balls
2020 A VHS Christmas Carol Starkid Productions Tiny Tim

Spouse Two

2021 VHS Christmas Carol Live! Starkid Productions Tiny Tim

Business Man Three

Scavenger Three

Spouse Two

Party Boy

Fezziwig Employee



  • Brian is the creator of the fandom joke "Satan is a real man" due to his self-admitted obsession with Satan during the run of Firebringer.