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Brian Phillip Rosenthal is a Los Angeles-based singer, actor, playwright, and sound designer. He has appeared in every Very Potter production, and is an original member of Team StarKid.

Rosenthal attended the University of Michigan between 2007 and 2011. He has appeared in three of Team StarKid’s productions: A Very Potter Musical as Quirrell, A Very Potter Sequel as Seamus, James, Past Ron, and A Very Potter Senior Year as Seamus, James, Quirrell. He attended Apocalyptour, and was featured in StarKid Homecoming.

He additionally worked on sound design for The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals. He currently lives in Los Angeles. He is Jewish.

He went to the Ester Earl Rocking Charity Ball (LeakyCon) in 2011 (and crowd surfed).

He also is one of the three creators of the Tin Can Brothers alongside Joey Richter and Corey Lubowich. The Tin Can Brothers have a YouTube channel and have staged several shows, including Spies Are Forever, Solve It Squad, Flop Stoppers, Seriously Not a Joke, and Alive! On Stage!. He co-wrote and starred in each production.

Special skills:[]

• -being a squirrel

• -planting flowers when he rules the world

• -turning the most evil wizard into a not so evil wizard, with whom he adopts a daughter with

• -watch a movie, rollerskate, fill the world with fear and haaaaaaaaaate


• -being an ally

• -just this: 1:11 watch and enjoy

• -oliver twist accent ("HOLY SHIT IT'S HARRY POTTAH")

• -being a big boy™

• -having glitter in his pockets waka waka • -an AWESOME writer (tin can bros aND the wayvard guide for the untrained eye cmon yall)

• -a jewish nazi with a bedazzled shvastika

• -playing fricking 8 characters in one scene alone

• -getting the public to say nazis are not so bad

• -getting away with it

• -singing a song about a tamagotchi???

• -singing like a disney-broadway-angel prince

• -the frocked priest named jasper

• -a dash of a jokester to cover up for the fact that he is unable to love,,,, ever

• -having the cutest laugh

• -rocking a jail dress

• -making me cry in avpsy

• -apocalyptour... just look it up, he was so cute ahhh

• -overall being the softest boi™ who must be protected at all costs

Brian Rosenthal crowd surfing at 2011 LeakyCon

Brian Rosenthal and Joey Richter