Bug (as Bug)
Bug (as a bug)


Egg Planter/Starship Ranger/Hive Ambassador

Bug is a bug from the planet Bug World in the musical Starship portrayed by Joey Richter. He is known to be odd and does not conform to the status quo. Bug has always wanted to be a Starship Ranger.

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Concept design for 'Bug'

Bug spent most of his spare time hanging out with his best friend Roach, exploring a crash-landed starship and dreaming of one day traveling into outer space. He loves to explore the chrashed starhip and has seen the video records "a million times." He can quote every line from the videos and learned 'human language' from them. Despite his ambitions, he is assigned to the mundane job of "Egg-Planter" by the Overqueen.

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2nd Concept design for 'Bug'

While doing his job, he meets the human Science Officer February. She has been temporarily blinded, and convinces her that he is a Starship ranger that survived and has been living in Bug world. He falls in love with February, but they quickly get seperated when she is collected by Mega-Girl. He makes a deal with Pincer to become human and join up with the Starship Rangers, but what he doesn't know is that Pincer wants Bug to bring the humans back to him not to befriend them, but to eat their flesh. When his human body died, he turned back into a bug, and the Overqueen let him become a Starship ranger.

Bug (as Ranger)

Bug (As a human and ranger)