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This page contains spoilers for Nightmare Time 2

Carl Metzger is a character in the Hatchetfield Universe. He is the son of Bob Metzger and the brother of Larsand Louie. He is one of the Hatchetmen. Carl features in Perky's Buds and is played by Jon Matteson.

Production Played by Song
Nightmare Time Season 2 Perky's Buds Jon Matteson None

Perky's Buds[]

Carl and his brothers appear in the field while Ziggs is working and tell them to go and get Emma. When Emma appears she tells the brothers she's not going to talk to them unless their father comes to speak with her. At this Bob emerges from the trees and threatens her.

Later, Carl, his father and his brothers bury Emma and Ziggs intending to make them the first in a new crop of tree-people. While Bob is threatening them, Carl gets into the tractor and begins mowing down the weed. However, before he can fully do this the famiyl is swooped down upon by Nighthawks and Carl is pecked to death.