Chorn is a character in the Starkid musical Firebringer. In act one it 'wore the face of man' to oversee the evolution of humanity. It could only say words such as Chorn and f****** a****** as well as singing.

In act 2, it is revealed that Chorn is an extraterrestrial being. It reveals all known knowledge of the world to the tribe, whilst singing I Am Chorn with a god-like voice. Overall, despite her former distaste for humanity, she is a friendly person and is good friends with Smellyballs. She is the latte hotte.

Trivia Edit

  • Chorn's gender is never specified.
  • Tiblyn has a crush on them in human form
  • According to Smellyballs, Chorn means family (it doesn't, but it's a nice thought)
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