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Clark baxtresser i need you-1

Clark baxtresser i need you-1

A fan video made for Clark.

Clark Alan Baxtresser was born on the 19th of August, 1988. He grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan with his older brother, Dean, his younger sister, Elle, his mother, Gretchen and his father, Robert. Gretchen was a music teacher in the Ann Arbor public school system.

Clark graduated from the Pionner High School in 2006. He then attended the University of Michigan and graduated in 2010. While attending UoM, he met the now popular theatre group, Team Starkid through one of their plays, 'Me and My Dick'. Many members of Starkid call him 'Cool Clark' and he is known as the 'musical badass', despite really not being bad at all.

Clark is extremely tall with dark brown hair and olive tanned skin. He has been described as the most 'supermegafoxyawesomehot' member of Starkid by Meredith Stepien and Lauren Lopez.

Clark currently lives in Brooklyn, New York in a flat with his fellow band member / best friend, Pierce Siebers.

Clark is a music director, keyboard/piano player and songwriter for Team Starkid. Aside from Starkid, Clark is in Jim and The Povolos, and a band called TalkFine that is a duo with Pierce Siebers.

TalkFine are quite successful in Brooklyn and have most recently been recieving a lot of attention for their 'House Of Cards' sitcom spoof song which can be found on their YouTube channel. Pierce and Clark have known each other since they were very young and started writing songs together in high school. Their retro-electric pop music is extremely quirky and will make you want to move your feet!

TalkFine released their first music video for their song 'She Never'[1] on the 18th of December 2012. Since then it has recieved over 13 thousand views! On May 12th 2014, TalkFine also released another video for popular single, 'Dance Like This'[2]. The video featuring many talented Brooklyn dancers and great CGI was directed by Liann Kaye. The next music video released was 'One in a Million' which was written for the Starkid Star Wars Parody, 'Ani'. Their latest music vid was long overdue and from one of their first hits 'The Water's Gettin' Too Hot' which the video was released on July 6th 2015. Since then a few other music videos have been uploaded along with many covers and live versions of their songs.

2015 was a big year for Clark. He made his first NYC acting debut in a musical directed by Todd Ritch called #LoveStory. He had the lead role of Evan. Clark performed with Starkid at Elsie Fest and travelled back to the University of Michigan for A Very Starkid Reunion which was a huge event for the team. Not only this but he of course returned back for another year at Geekycon. TalkFine also teamed up with the Tin Can Brothers for their new comedy musical 'Spy's Are Forever'

Clark plays the music for most Starkid shows and had a small cameo in 'Ani: A Parody'.

In 2016 he, alongside Pierce Siebers, served as a Music director for ‘Firebringer’. As well as this, he played the keyboard and had an acting role in ‘Firebringer’.

Clark is a part of the band Computer Games, playing keybord.

Here is a list of what shows he has been in,

Me and My Dick (2009): Keyboard

AVPS (2010): Keyboard

Starship (2011): Conductor, keyboard

AVPSY (2012): Keyboard, vocals.

Ani: A Parody (2014): Music director, keyboard, vocals, small cameo

Trail To Oregon (2014): Keyboard

A Very Starkid Reunion (2015)

Firebringer (2017)

Clark also joined Team Starkid on the SPACE Tour, Apocalyptour, Starkid Takes Manhattan and many conventions such as Geekycon etc.

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- Clark used to want to be an opera singer.  

- He was his brother's best man at his wedding.  

- Clark would love to collab with Rufus WainWright.  

- If he could create any icecream flavour it would be Caeser Salad.  

- Clark is in a relationship with another fellow Michigan graduate.  

- He once recieved a selfie stick for Christmas  

- He is very tall.  

- His favourite fast food place is Macdonalds.  

- Clark met most of Team Starkid through 'Me and My Dick'  

- He is extremely kind and adorable (Obvs)  

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StarKid Songs Written By Clark BaxtresserEdit

  • This Is The End (AVPSY) 
  • Everything Ends (AVPSY)
  • I Was (AVPSY)
  • Senior Year (AVPSY)
  • Sidekick (AVPSY)
  • Ani (Ani: A Parody)
  • Long Ago and Far Away (Ani: A Parody)
  • Strike Back (Ani: A Parody)
  • With My Own Eyes (Ani: A Parody)
  • The Force (You Got It) (Ani: A Parody)
  • Haunted By The Kiss (Ani: A Parody)
  • One In A Million (Ani: A Parody)
  • Back On Top (Ani: A Parody)

Note: All songs were co-written with Pierce Siebers

TalkFine Songs Written and Performed By Clark BaxtresserEdit

  • The Moment (The Moment EP)
  • So Bad (The Moment EP)
  • Glasses (The Moment EP)
  • Epitaph or Autograph (The Moment EP)
  • Water's Gettin' To Hot (Lesser Known Hits)
  • She Never (Lesser Known Hits)
  • She Didn't Have A Name (Lesser Known Hits)
  • Can't Wait To Say No (Lesser Known Hits)
  • Sugar Daddy (Lesser Known Hits)
  • Anonymous Lover (Lesser Known Hits)
  • It's About The Bike (Lesser Known Hits)
  • Dance Like This (Single)