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This page contains spoilers for Nightmare Time 2

Daddy features in the third episode of Nightmare Time 2, and is the fourth story of the second season of the live-stream reading. It was performed on November 6, 2021 and is due to be released on YouTube on June 3, 2022.


Frank Pricely is a down-on-his luck toy store owner. As his business is slowly crushed by giant, online retailers, Frank struggles to make ends meet. His only loyal costumer is a spoiled-rotten man-child named Sherman Young. When Frank hits it off with Sherman's rich-widowed mother (Sheila), he sees a golden opportunity to save Toy Zone... by marrying Sheila and becoming Sherman's Daddy! But Frank soon discovers there's more to the Youngs than meets the eye, and that being the daddy isn't all it's cracked up to be.


The story opens with Frank Pricely and Lex Foster working at Toy Zone. The store is empty and struggling to stay open like much of Lakeside Mall which is causing Frank a lot of stress. A few days later, Frank visits Miss Retro's where he sits and tells Miss Holloway about how he always dreamed of opening a toy store despite his parents wanting bigger things for him. The next day, Frank opens Toy Zone coming face to face with Sherman Young. Frank expertly sells Sherman a large number of toys from The Sugar-Gliders franchise which is paid for by his mother Sheila. Sheila then invites Frank for dinner at her house on the following Friday.

On Friday, Frank goes to the Young's house for dinner. He's greeted at the door by Sheila's butler Marco, a large almost inhuman man. After dinner, Sheila and Frank are enjoying some wine by the fire when Sheila proposes that she and Frank get married so that she can have a man around the house and Frank can use her money to keep Toy Zone open. Frank agrees and the two are soon married.

A few days after returning from their honeymoon, Frank comes downstairs to discover Sheila and Sherman celebrating Sherman's birthday month. For his breakfast Sherman requests a bowl of marshmallow crunch cereal but this annoys Frank who suggests he teaches the man how to make eggs instead. Sheila is disgusted by this and insists Frank picks out the crunchy pieces of cereal so that Sherman only eats the marshmallows. The man obliges but misses one of the pieces of cereal. Sherman is rushed to hospital where Becky Barnes tells Sheila that he's going to be fine.

Upon being discharged Sherman fawns over Frank, which causes Sheila to become jealous. In retaliation Sheila locks Frank outside in a storm for the night. Frank is able to get back in the house by climbing onto Sherman's balcony and immediately begins packing his bags, planning to divorce Sheila and take half of her estate. However, before he can leave, Sheila pulls a lever that causes a chute to open under Frank and the man falls down into the sewers under the house which doubles as a dungeon. While there Frank meets Barry Swift, one of Sheila's former husbands. The man was injured attempting to escape from Sheila and his leg is badly infected and slowly killing him.

A few weeks later, Sheila departs for the Hatchetfield Honey Festival in order to find a new man to marry. Sherman tries to come with her saying that he wants to visit Toy Zone but is reminded that Toy Zone is closed as Frank is in their dungeon. Annoyed by this, Sherman goes downstairs to try and get the key to Toy Zone off Frank. The man refuses reasoning that only he can open Toy Zone. He then convinces Sherman to convince his mother to give Frank a second chance. The two hug and Frank uses it as an opportunity to pickpocket Sherman's keys. Frank then goes and tells Barry that he's got the keys and that they can escape but discovers the man is already dead. Frank tries to escape and is chased by Marco. He manages to stop the butler by stabbing him in the eye with a javelin and almost escapes from the dungeon but is held at gunpoint by Sheila.

Sheila takes Frank to a black room in her house where she ties him to a marble alter. She tells Frank about her husband Mr Young, a former member of the Church of the Starry Children, and how he previously had possession of the Black Book, which he and Sheila used to stay young before he was killed by the Hatchetmen. She then attempts to use the spell to steal Frank's remaining years but discovers that the spells are covered by drawings of the Sugar-Gliders, done by Sherman. She becomes enraged and yells at her son who reveals he did it as a test. He then uses the spell to steal his mother's remaining years, calling upon the Lords in Black and become a child again. He frees Frank telling him that Frank is going to care for him in exchange for his life.


Song Sung by
Young At Heart Jeff Blim


Cast Member Character(s)
Corey Dorris Frank Pricely
Jaime Lyn Beatty Sherman Young
Sheila Young
Joey Richter Ted Spankoffski
Angela Giarratana Lex Foster
Jeff Blim Barry Swift
Kim Whalen Miss Holloway
Becky Barnes

Creative Team[]

Crew Member Job
Nick Lang Writer
Matt Lang Writer
Jeff Blim Composer
Matt Dahan Musical Director
Jaime Lyn Beatty Music Video Director
Paul Gabriel Production Manager
Corey Lubowich Producer
Brian Holden Producer


  • The synopsis for the episode was released on November 2, 2021.