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This page contains spoilers for Nightmare Time 2

Daniel is a character in the Hatchetfield Universe. He's a fighter at the Hatchetfield Roller-rama and features in Yellow Jacket. He is played by Jon Matteson.

Production Played by Song
Nightmare Time Season 2 Yellow Jacket Jon Matteson None

Yellow Jacket[]

Daniel first appears fighting against Sophia at the Hatchetfield Roller-rama. He almost defeats Spitfire using his power of stopping time but, with help from Hannah, Sophia fills the arena with smoke so he's unable to hold his breath and throws him from the ring.

Later, Daniel meets Hannah while she's preparing for her fight. The two discuss their powers and that of the others. After offering Hannah some of his chocolate bar, Daniel leaves after saying it was nice to meet her.

Daniel can also be seen with the other kids waiting to watch Sophia fight against Otho.


  • Stopping time- When he holds his breath Daniel has the ability to stop time.


Hannah Foster[]

Hannah and Daniel become friends after meeting at the Hatchetfield Roller-rama. He is the first person to ever say that it was nice to meet her.