Devin Lytle was born in Atlanta, Georgia and joined StarKid while attending the University of Michigan.

Lytle is known for playing Cho Chang in A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel, and A Very Potter Senior Year (where she also played Charlie Weasley.) Outside of the Potter shows, she played Miss Cooter in Me And My Dick and made a cameo in the opening video as a Starship Ranger in Starship.

Outside of StarKid, Lytle co-starred in the YouTube series Post-Grad, which she co-wrote with Rachel Rosenbloom. Currently, she is studying at John Rosenfield Studios and works on the BuzzFeed channel As/Is. Her StarKid past is a source of humor among her coworkers, but in terms of the content she produces, she has rarely directly mentioned AVPM (including in Harry Potter-themed videos), though she brought in Joey Richter for a short film to portray her husband.