Devin Lytle was born in Atlanta, Georgia and joined Starkid while attending the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Lytle is known for playing Cho Chang the southern belle in A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel, and A Very Potter Senior Year (Where she also played Charlie Weasley.) Outside of the Potter shows, she played Miss Cooter in Me And My Dick and made a cameo in the opening video as a starship ranger in Starship.

Outside of Starkid, Lytle costarred in the Youtube series Post-Grad which she wrote with Rachel Rosenbloom. Currently, she is studying at John Rosenfield Studios and works on the BuzzFeed Ladylike channel. Her StarKid past is a source of humor among her coworkers but in terms of the content she produces she has rarely directly mentioned AVPM (including, oddly, specifically Harry Potter-themed videos), though she brought in Joey Richter for a short film to portray her husband.