Professor Umbridge, portrayed by Joe Walker, is the main antagonist in A Very Potter Sequel . She was only a professor until her imagined break up with Dumbledore made her go insane to the point where she believed that killing students was the best way to show her love for them. She was also haunted by visions of her mother who was always telling her that she had to be tough and only eat "protein shakes, falcon eggs, and rocks." Umbridge tries to get all of the female students in the school to exercise because when she was a girl she was chubby and was mocked for it. She also compares her childhood to Hermione , who hates this analogy.

Dolores is in charge of all the girls attending Hogwarts. At the start of the year she assigns them three rules:

Rule numer one - No boys, unless they're cuteee!

Rule number two - No alcohol, unless there's plenty to go around!

Rule number three - No parties, unless Umbridge is invited! DURDURDRHARHARHRDURDUR!

But seriously though, if she catches any of you with any boys or alcohol, she'll RIP your perky li'l boobs off!