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This song is written by Darren Criss sung by Brian Holden and Michelle Chamuel. the song is featured in the web series Little White Lie. its the background music while Duder (played by Criss Allen) is spying on Tanya (played by Lauren Lopez). this happens in episode 7.


Duder's a spy

Duder's a spy

Duder's a spy

Look at that guy

You've got to hurry, Duder! You must catch her! There's not much time!

Duder is a spy

Look out for this guy

He will sneak up on you

Duder's a spy

Spy, spy, spy, spy

Wh's that I spy

With my little eye?

I'll tell you

It's... Duder


You are a spy

Hurry, Duder!

Look out!



You are acting like a spy

Duder you are a spy

You are Duder

You're spying

I cannot believe it


Duder's a spy

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