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This page contains spoilers for Nightmare Time 2

Emma Perkins is the main female lead of The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals and a minor character in Black Friday. She also features in Episode 2 of Nightmare Time in the story Forever and Always. She is played by Lauren Lopez.

Not to be confused with her android counterpart Emma Matthews.

Production Played by Song
TGWDLM Lauren Lopez The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals
Cup of Roasted Coffee
Black Friday What If Tomorrow Comes
Nightmare Time Season 1 Forever & Always None
Season 2 Perky's Buds


Emma's personality throughout the musical shows that she has a sardonic sense of humor and doesn't take personal injustices lightly. She speaks her mind, and has a strong sense of morality. She has a good heart, having brought groceries to her biology teacher, Professor Hidgens, once, and she does what she can to help out other people. It's perhaps for these reasons that she becomes one of the sole survivors by the time Paul and his friends team-up. Emma, like Paul, also expresses a distaste for musicals. At first she seems to have a very laissez-faire, almost apathetic view of the world. However, it's shown as the show goes along that she's got a much deeper, passionate take on life.

The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals[]

Emma is initially introduced as the barista that Paul has a crush on. She first appears working at Beanies where she refuses to sing for the Rude Customer when he tips her prompting him to take the tip back and promptly leave the shop. This prompts Emma's boss Nora to emerge and reprimand her for not partaking in the new singing policy. Emma then asks why Zoey can't do the singing which almost gets her fired. It as this point that Zoey emerges saying that she enjoys the singing prompting Emma to question why she isn't working. After Zoey says shes in vocal rest Emma pretends she can't hear her prompting Zoey to speak louder therefore breaking her vocal rest much to the annoyance of both Zoey and Nora. She then takes Paul's order and becomes irritated when he tips her before he tells her that she doesn't need to sing. The two then share an interaction where Emma complains about her coworkers and Paul explains that he doesn't like musicals. Once she hands Paul his coffee he leaves Emma to her work.

That evening Emma emerges at the end of her shift to find it pouring with rain in Hatchetfield. She offers Zoey a ride which she declines as unbeknownst to Emma she is meeting Sam for a date. Emma then leaves for home.

The next day Emma is once again working at the coffee shop when Nora introduces a new policy where they have to sing at all times of their shift. She then spends the morning learning a new dance for when someone tips. Emma is working at the coffee shop when Paul comes in extremely shaken from his interaction with Mr. Davidson and begs for a black coffee. Emma emerges singing the song coffee girl much to Paul distress. She instantly stops when Paul asks her much to his surprise. She starts making Paul's coffee when he pulls her out from behind the counter and tells her that the world is becoming a musical after begging her to think about the implications. Emma seems extremely concerned by Paul's behaviour and is saved from it by Robert's Hatchetfield Citizen dropping a tip into the jar meaning Emma has to perform the tip dance (Cup of Roasted Coffee). Emma performs the dance but she clearly dislikes it however as the song continues Emma realises that Nora and Zoey have added a whole new A section into the dance much to her distress. She then quits her job. However, as she is about to leave it is revealed that Nora and Zoey have been infected and become members of the hive and have poisoned the Beanies coffee with blue goo. The customers around Emma all begin to get infected and Emma and Paul manage to escape just as people begin singing.

Emma and Paul manage to escape to a back alley where they hide behind some trashcans and end up meeting Paul's friends. It is at this point that Sam arrives and he and his two cop friends begin to sing much to Emma's distress. Following Ted hitting Sam over the head with a trashcan lid and his brains falling out Emma consoles Charlotte and suggests that the group go to Professor Hidgens' house. The group agree and they take Sam's police car to get there.

Once inside Professor Hidgens house Emma helps him in his analysis of the blue goo calling it "blue shit". After this Emma along with the others bar Charlotte and Sam head into Hidgens bar to drink. In a conversation with Paul, Emma reveals how she grew up in Hatchetfield but that when she was 18 years old, she left, wanting to see the world. She says about how she spent most of her time backpacking and spent a significant amount of time in Guatemala. She tells him how her older sister, Jane Perkins, was the organized one, following her life to the letter of a bullet point list that she'd created, while was Emma constantly was trying to figure out what she wanted out of life. Unfortunately, sometime after Emma left Hatchetfield, her sister died after she got into a car accident and Emma returned home, lamenting that she had always put off coming back whenever her sister would invite her to things like her wedding, baby showers, and she'd always say she'd "catch the next one." The funeral invitation made her realize there wouldn't be a next one. She tells Paul about how she decided that she would try and get her life together and make her sister proud, so she applied to community college and got into the botany program. She planned to open up a pot farm, banking on the idea that it would soon be legal. She and Paul then discuss how she was in a performance of Brigadoon in high school and how it was what caused Paul to not like musicals. However, they are unable to finish this conversation as they are interrupted by an infected Charlotte and Sam.

Emma attempts to avoid Charlotte until she is shot by Hidgens. Hidgens then reveals how he has discovered that the infection is using peoples skins to blend in among them. He then forces the group to sing Moana to ensure they're still human, which they are. After this Bill gets a phone call where he learns that Alice is trapped in Hatchetfield. Emma encourages Paul to go with Bill and almost goes with them but stays behind when Hidgens declares he needs her help in the lab. She and Paul share an intimate moment before he leaves to save Alice.

While Paul and Bill are away Emma has a realisation that if the meteor is destroyed the apotheosis may stop. It at this point that Emma is knocked out by Hidgens. When Emma awakes she finds herself and Ted strapped to a chair. She is forced to watch as Hidgens says goodbye to his Alexa and then performs a sample of a song from his musical Workin' Boys. While Hidgens is killed by the zombies Emma and Ted are saved by Paul and they escape.

When they leave Emma is stopped by Ted having an emotional moment where he declares he is going to be a better person much to her chagrin. He then subsequently pushes Paul into the arms of an advancing zombie leaving Emma to save him while Ted runs off. Emma is able to free Paul without getting infected and the two make it to the park where they discover that General Macnamara has been infected. The two are able to escape and get on the helicopter and they presume they are safe from Hatchetfield. Emma doesn't put on her seatbelt and instead swears down at the town. However, it is revealed that the helicopter driver is actually an infected Zoey in disguise. In their attempts to escape her the helicopter crashes and Emma is injured getting a bar through her leg. Unable to walk on it Emma encourages Paul to go and destroy the meteor to save Hatchetfield. Before he leaves Emma tries to kiss Paul but ends up coughing blood onto his face instead.

At some point Emma is saved from Hatchetfield and goes to Clivesdale Hospital where she has her leg fixed up. She meets Colonel Schaffer who assigns her a new name: Kelly to stop people connecting her and Emma who supposedly died in the Hatchetfield Catastrophe. Schaffer gives her the deed to a plot of land in Colorado where she would be able to set up her weed farm. She then says that Emma will be escorted to Colorado by Ben Bridges who is then revealed to be Paul. Emma is overjoyed to see Paul again and the two embrace until Paul begins to sing. Emma is confused and startled by this and as she realises that he is infected Emma attempts to flee from Paul but is unable. As the song sung by Paul and friends continues Emma becomes more and more horrified. She is trapped by The Hive. As the cast takes their bows Emma tries to appeal to the audience for help but is subsequently dragged offstage by the cast presumably to her death.

Black Friday[]

She reappears in Black Friday as a minor character. In this timeline, Paul and Emma are still close to each other, but Emma doesn't really want to label their relationship as dating just yet (they are intimate though). Throughout the musical, she and Paul watch over Tim while Tom goes to the Hatchetfield Mall to get a him a Tickle Me Wiggly doll, before deciding to skip town and take care of Tim themselves. Just before they do so, however, they hear about the crisis at the mall and rush over to see if Tom is okay. They find Tom, as well as the rest of the surviving cast, and Emma suggests they stay at her professor's house until the whole Wiggly thing passes over. The musical ends with Emma and the rest of the cast counting down the end to Black Friday and hearing a wooshing noise above their head, as the stage fades to black.

Nightmare Time[]

Forever and Always[]

Emma was on a bus trip in Guatemala when her bus flies off a cliff and crashes killing everyone except for Emma who manages to survive. Once she returns to her hostel she discovers that all her belongings are gone including her passport and birth certificate. Without these Emma is left stranded in Guatemala however after about 2 years Emma is able to return home to Hatchetfield.

Whilst walking down Hatchetfield First Street Emma is stopped by Paul 23 who mistakes her for his wife. Paul leans in to kiss her causing Emma to slap him away from her. The twos confrontation gains the attention of some passersby and Emma manages to get away from Paul. She then goes to the coffee shop Beanies and attempts to pick up an application but is told that she already has a job there. Emma then begins to learn that people believe she is married to Paul and goes to his apartment to question him. Upon entering his apartment Emma discovers hundreds of pictures of her and Paul all over the walls. Scared and confused Emma takes Paul to a bar: The Birdhouse.

Emma has some shots of whiskey much to Paul's surprise. She learns that Paul believes the real Emma wasn't dead and once Paul leaves to use the bathroom Emma finds herself being threatened with a knife by her double: Emma Matthews. The fake Emma attempts to escort Emma out of the bar but they're stopped by some bikers who think they're twins. Emma flirts with the bikers much to her fake doubles annoyance and as she is about to get away from her double the men notice the knife. The man then threatens the girls with his own knife which prompts the fake Emma to kill him. The fake Emma murders the entire bar leaving only Emma alive. It is at this point that her double attempts to murder real Emma but she is stopped by Paul exiting the bathroom. Emma manages to escape and jams a pool cue into the other woman's eye but it doesn't bleed instead it sparks revealing the fake Emma as an android. While the android Emma was distracted Emma and Paul are able to escape.

The two go to Emma's hotel room where Emma flirts and tries to hook up with Paul but he turns her down. It is at this point that Emdroid emerges. The android attempts to kill Emma but her knife if wrestled from her hand and lands near Paul. Paul brandishes the knife and threatens the women begging them to stop. However, after much pleading from both women Paul ends up stabbing and murdering the real Emma. Her body is then disposed off over the Nantucket Bridge.


  • The name 'Emma' is of Germanic origin, meaning 'whole' or 'universal', and the patronymic surname 'Perkins' literally means 'little Peter', but is more commonly read as 'son of Peter'. As a result, the name Emma Perkins could be interpreted as 'the whole son of Peter' or 'the universal son of Peter'.
  • Emma was born in 1987.[1]
  • Growing up, Emma lived in her older sister's shadow, and often rebelled against Jane's example as a straight-laced perfectionist, preferring to live as the carefree slacker. As a result, they both loved, but resented each other.[2]
  • During her time at Hatchetfield High, Emma was a counter-culture stoner.[3]
  • Emma doesn't like Becky Barnes, initially just finding her optimism obnoxious, but, even after marrying Jane, Tom always saw Becky as "the one that got away", so Emma began hating Becky on her sister's behalf.[3]
  • In 2003 Emma starred as Bonnie Jean in her high school production of Brigadoon and fucking killed it. This performance is what caused Paul to hate musicals (but Paul doesn't blame Emma for it).
  • Emma's parents are dead.[4]
  • In Black Friday, Emma still works at Beanies.[5]
  • As the meteor never struck in Black Friday, but they'd already started talking before the Apotheosis in TGWDLM, in Black Friday's timeline either Emma or Paul would have just asked the other out, "like ya do".[6]
  • In Black Friday, Emma and Paul had only been going out for a month or two.[7]
  • She thinks Pizza Pete's is all about the games.
  • Linda Monroe and Emma know each other. Linda isn't a fan, but she hates most people.[8]
  • In Forever & Always it is revealed that Emma's favorite band is 311, and because of this she always picks hotel room numbers of that number when she can.