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This page contains spoilers for Nightmare Time 2

Grace Chasity is a character in the Hatchetfield Universe. She features in Perky's Buds and Abstinence Camp, and is mentioned in both The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals and Black Friday.

The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals[]

Grace is first mentioned in TGWDLM by Bill, when he recounts an argument he had with Alice to Paul in which he suggested alternative girls for his daughter Alice to date, as opposed to Deb. He tells Paul he offered the idea of her dating somebody in Clivesdale, or Grace Chasity, to which she responded that Grace is a 'nerdy prude'. Bill then retorts that he only said to date someone like Grace Chasity, and that Grace is nice to him at church, then is shocked to find himself defending Grace Chasity of all people.

Black Friday[]

In Black Friday, Grace is mentioned by Tom Houston when he is leaving to go to the Lakeside Mall in order to buy a Wiggly for his son, Tim. Emma Perkins is furious to find that she has been invited to the Houston's home not for a family meal, but to instead babysit her nephew whilst her brother-in-law is out getting a new blade for his bandsaw. Tom tells her that Grace is out of town, and that he wouldn't have done it if he hadn't had any other choice, before revealing that he is actually going out to get a Wiggly for Tim as a Christmas present. This exchange implies that Grace babysits for the Houston's.

Perky's Buds[]

Grace is first seen protesting against Perky's Buds (location) with Gabe, marching and waving signs around, shouting "Hey ho, heck no! Perky’s Buds has gotta go!". When Emma Perkins and Ziggs go check out the commotion, Grace tells them that while the devil's weed isn't just bad for the community, but it also threatens the checkered-tail nighthawk population. Ziggs tells her they just tried to shoot the birds, which enrages Grace, threatening legal action. Emma and Ziggs get rid of the nerdy prudes by tossing a bag of manure into their wood-chipper, making it rain fertilizer on Grace and Gabe.

Grace is on her way to a baby-sitting appointment, when she is stopped by a frantic Emma, asking for her help and wanting her bike so she can get away from the nighthawks. Grace tells her she stinks like weed and bikes away. Later, it's revealed she called the police, telling them to send every available unit to Perky's Buds. She said there was a woman, high on drugs, about to do something drastic. This call ended up saving Emma and Ziggs' lives, but also got them arrested for killing many nighthawks.

Abstinence Camp[]

Grace finds Stephanie Lauter throwing up in a restroom of Hatchetfield High, realizes she is sick in the morning, and draws the wrong conclusion that Stephanie is having morning sickness. She asks her if she is pregnant, to which Stephanie sarcastically answers yes, but the sarcasm is lost on Grace. Grace ends up telling everyone about Stephanie's "pregnancy"; the principal, the football team, all her friends. This causes Stephanie to be sent to Abstinence Camp.

Grace has been looking forward to Abstinence Camp all year, and now it's finally here. After Gabe tells a ghost story about Lumber-Axe, Grace is extinguishing the campfire. Gabe tries to confess to her that he likes her more than a friend, but Grace is either oblivious, or very good at acting like it, and skips away after calling Gabe a "great friend".

Later, Grace is just done showering in her swimsuit, as is camp policy, when she bumps into Steph, who also wants to shower, but without a swimsuit. Grace will not let this happen, and blocks her entryway to the showers. She says she wants to help Steph, and will follow her wherever she goes to do so. Steph gets fed up and decides to shower in the boy's washroom instead, knowing Grace would not follow her there. Grace runs of, screaming for the help of Boy Jerry and Girl Jeri. She tells them Stephanie has relapsed, which leads to Steph being put in solitary confinement for the rest of the summer. This wasn't Grace's intention, and she doubts this would actually help Steph, as she wouldn't able to take part in the activities and the prayer circles. Counselor 2 tells her to take it up with the Jerrys if she doesn't agree.

When she arrives at the administration office ready to do so, she finds Boy Jerry and Girl Jeri wrapped in each other's arms, as well as the pile of Mary and Noah's body parts behind them. This shocks her, and she runs off, with Girl Jeri following her. She is running through the woods when she stumbles over a tree root. Girl Jeri says she doesn't want to hurt her, she just wants to help the camp kids. She explains how she is Lumber-Axe's mother, and that he got the way he is because the Witchwood Forest, where he was raised, is a strange place. They then hear Steph scream, and Grace takes off in her direction.

Lumber-Axe is just about to kill Steph with his axe, when Grace jumps between them. Lumber-Axe stops, looking at Grace. Boy Jerry tells him to kill them, since they're all perverts. But Grace tells Lumber-Axe that she is the biggest prude he'll ever meet. She senses that that's why he won't harm her. She continues, telling him about her prudishness. Not only does she follow the swimsuit policy at camp, but also at home. No one, including her, will see her body until she's married. She knitted little sweaters for all the crucified Jesus statues in her house because she wanted him to look modest while dying for their sins. When Boy Jerry tells Lumber-Axe to obey him because he's his father, Grace puts two and two together and realizes that since Girl Jeri is his mother, that means they had sex! She tells this to Lumber-Axe, which enrages him, and he kills his parents. He turns back to Grace, hands his axe to her, and leaves.

Days later, Grace is overseeing the other campers weaving baskets. While absentmindedly sharpening her axe, she says that she anxiously awaits Abstinence Camp all year long, and she's not going to let a few bumps in the road spoil her summer, so they're all going to have some good, wholesome fun. Or else.


  • There is only one Grace in Hatchetfield.[1]
  • Nick has confirmed via Tweet that Grace lives in Hatchetfield and attends Hatchetfield High. If around for the events of TGWDLM, this means that she would have perished at the hands of the Hive.
  • Nick has also confirmed via Tweet that Grace is indeed nice to Bill at church.
  • Because Grace has crucified Jesus statues in her house, it is likely she is Catholic.
  • Grace and Ted's brother are the only two characters to have been referred to as 'nerdy', this may imply that they both have something to do with Nerdy Prudes Must Die.
  • Following the release of TGWDLM many people theorized that the Hatchetfield Bee was Grace Chasity; however, this has been confirmed to not be the case.
  • Due to the name of the third Hatchetfield stage show being Nerdy Prudes Must Die, it is likely Grace will feature.