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"There’s one thing you better hurry up and know about Grace Chasity… I’m the biggest prude you’ll ever meet!"
— Grace talking about herself to Lumber-Axesrc

Grace Chasity is a character in the Hatchetfield Universe. She features in Perky's Buds and Abstinence Camp as well as being mentioned in The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals and Black Friday. Grace is due to appear in Nerdy Prudes Must Die. She is played by Angela Giarratana.

Production Played by Song
Nightmare Time Season 2 Perky's Buds Angela Giarratana None
Abstinence Camp
Nerdy Prudes Must Die TBA TBA

The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals[]

Grace is first mentioned in TGWDLM by Bill, when he recounts an argument he had with Alice to Paul in which he suggested alternative girls for his daughter Alice to date instead of Deb. He tells Paul he offered the idea of her dating somebody in Clivesdale, or someone like Grace Chasity, to which she responded that Grace is a 'nerdy prude'. Bill then retorts that he only said to date someone like Grace Chasity, and that Grace is nice to him at church, then is shocked to find himself defending Grace Chasity of all people.

Black Friday[]

In Black Friday, Grace is mentioned by Tom Houston when he is leaving to go to the Lakeside Mall in order to buy a Wiggly for his son, Tim. Emma Perkins is furious to find that she has been invited to the Houston's home not for a family meal, but to instead babysit her nephew whilst her brother-in-law goes shopping. Tom tells her that Grace is out of town, and that he wouldn't have done it if he hadn't had any other choice, before revealing that he is actually going out to get a Wiggly for Tim as a Christmas present.

Perky's Buds[]

Grace is first seen protesting against Perky's Buds with Gabe, marching and waving signs around, shouting "Hey ho, heck no! Perky’s Buds has gotta go!". When Emma Perkins and Ziggs go check out the commotion, Grace tells them that while the devil's weed isn't just bad for the community, but it also threatens the Checkered-Tail Nighthawk population. Ziggs tells her they just tried to shoot the birds, which enrages Grace and Gabe who threaten legal action. Emma and Ziggs get rid of the duo by tossing a bag of manure into their wood-chipper, making it rain fertilizer on Grace and Gabe.

Later , while on her way to a baby-sitting appointment, Grace is stopped by a frantic Emma, asking for her help and wanting her bike so she can get away from the nighthawks. Grace tells her she stinks like weed and bikes away. Later, it's revealed she called the police, telling them to send every available unit to Perky's Buds. She said there was a woman, high on drugs, about to do something drastic. This call ended up saving Emma and Ziggs' lives, but also got them arrested for killing many nighthawks.

Abstinence Camp[]

After a night of drinking and partying Stephanie Lauter ends up puking in the girls restrooms. She's interrupted by Grace poking her head over the stall to check she's okay. After Grace fears Steph has got food poisoning from the cafeteria food Steph reassures her saying she just feels sick that morning. Grace puts together the combination of morning and sickness and immediately assumes Steph is pregnant which Steph sarcastically agrees to much to Grace's horror. To attempt to help Steph, Grace tells everyone that she's pregnant resulting in a rumour spreading through town, much to the distaste of Steph's father Solomon causing him to send his daughter to abstinence camp. Now at Camp Idontwannabang, Grace reveals to Steph that she started the rumours about her, much to the girl's annoyance but she's unable to react as they're interrupted by Boy Jerry and Girl Jeri's entrance. Grace and the majority of the other campers are extremely excited by the youth ministers' performance and what they have to say.

The next evening, the campers gather around the campfire as Gabe tells the story of Lumber-Axe the Mad Woodsman. Grace tries to tell him to stop saying he'll scare the new kids but the boy continues. Later, Grace puts out the fire while Gabe watches. Gabe tries to admit his feeling to her but Grace is entirely oblivious and tells him how good a friend he is and leaves for her bunk.

The next day, Steph goes to shower and finds Grace in there wearing a swimsuit. Grace tells Steph about how it's camp policy and when the other girl tries to shower without one, Grace jumps in her way and refuses to let her past. This frustrates Steph who leaves the washroom to try and lose Grace, but the girl follows her. After Grace tells Steph she'll follow her anywhere, Steph goes into the boys washroom, much to Grace's horror and she runs off to go and tell Girl Jeri and Boy Jerry. She finds the youth ministers emerging from the woods and tells them Steph has relapsed. The three then go the the boys washroom and stop Steph and Pete who were about to shower together.

After Steph is punished by being put in solitary confinement for the rest of the summer, Grace goes to complain to the camp directors. When she enters their office she sees the remains of Noah and Mary's bodies and runs away. She is pursued by Girl Jeri.

When Grace stumbles and trips over a tree root, Girl Jeri talks to her saying she doesn't want to hurt her. She tries to Grace how she had Lumber-Axe out of wedlock and raised him in the woods to avoid scandal but the woods caused him to grow fast and big and different. However, they're interrupted by Steph screaming and Grace rushes off to try and help her.

Lumber-Axe is about the hit Steph with his axe but he's interrupted by Grace putting herself between them. She tells Lumber-Axe about how she's the biggest prude he'd ever meet before pointing out that his parents: Jerry and Jeri had sex outside of marriage. Lumber-Axe or Little Jerry becomes enraged and kills both his parents before handing Grace the axe and leaving. Pete and Steph attempt to continue leaving the camp but Grace refuses to let them leave. Days later, Grace stands in the arts and crafts tent instructing the campers on how to weave a basket. She oversees the camp keeping everyone in line via the threat of her axe.

Nerdy Prudes Must Die[]

When an angry spirit who hates nerds threatens the lives of the biggest losers of Hatchetfield High, Grace and Stephanie Lauter must fight to save them.

Personality and Traits[]

Grace Chasity is a character known for her unrelenting prudishness. She is a very socially awkward high schooler who is widely disliked by her classmates and typically misses the social cues when people speak to her, such as sarcasm and when people are flirting with her. She has a very holier-than-thou attitude and is very set in her religious beliefs. She generally attempts to impose her beliefs on others, actively protesting things she views to be wrong such as Perky's Buds. She also tries to help people how she sees best but this is often not what would be best overall. By her own admission she is the biggest prude as shown through her actions such as showering in a bathing suit and knitting sweaters for all the crucified Jesus statues in her house.


  • Knitting- Grace knitted small sweaters for all the Jesus statues in her house.
  • Wallet Making- As a camper at Camp Idontwannabang, Grace is trained in wallet making.
  • Bicycle Riding- Grace is often seen riding her bicycle as her main mode of transport.


Steph and Grace in Abstinence Camp

Stephanie Lauter[]

Stephanie Lauter is Grace's reluctant friend. Steph finds Grace extremely irritating and calls her a "nerdy prude" and refuses to call her a friend. However, Grace does care about Steph and wants what's best for her, even when her methods aren't the most reasonable and often cause Steph to detest her more. However, Grace was willing to die to try and save Steph and Pete when they were threatened by Lumber-Axe and as such the two are reluctant allies, despite Steph still disliking her.

Grace and Lumber-Axe in Abstinence Camp


Lumber-Axe is Grace's friend and ally. After stepping in between Lumber-Axe and Steph and Pete, the two came to an understanding as Lumber-Axe refused to kill her. The two share very similar religious beliefs, including that you shouldn't have sex before you're married. Lumber-Axe trusts Grace with his axe and she is able to run Camp Idontwannabang alone and under her leadership, his woods become clean once more.


Gabe and Grace in Abstinence Camp

Gabe is Grace's friend. The two share very similar religious beliefs. They spend time together protesting against Emma's weed farm. The two also share a pew at church and Grace calls them "pew pals". Gabe has a crush on Grace and wants them to be more friends but she is oblivious to this thinking Gabe simply a very good friend, much to his frustration.

Emma and Grace in Perky's Buds

Emma Perkins[]

Grace is an active protestor of Emma's pot farm. She and her friend Gabe regularly protest outside the gates to the farm as they believe that it's actively damaging the community, and she even spouts evidence that it's harming the local endangered nighthawk population as they consume their crops. As a result, Emma dislikes Grace calling her a "nerdy prude". Despite Emma directly asking for help, Grace leaves her to her fate when the farm is taken over by the Nighthawk Flock.


  • There is only one Grace in Hatchetfield.[1]
  • Nick has also confirmed via Tweet that Grace is indeed nice to Bill at church.
  • Because Grace has crucified Jesus statues in her house, it is likely she is Catholic.
  • Following the release of TGWDLM many people theorized that the Hatchetfield Bee was Grace Chasity. This was later seen to be untrue via the casting of Angela in the role.