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Hermione Jean Granger is a main character from A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel and A Very Potter Senior Year. She is self-depreciating but tries her best regardless. She is portrayed by Bonnie Gruesen in the first two musicals but is played by Meredith Stepien in the third.

Hermione is the girlfriend of Ron Weasley. Her favorite Superhero is Green Lantern, followed by Spider-man. Green Lantern is also her patronus. She was sorted into Gryffindor by the Sorting Hat and was identified as "Waiting Until Marriage" by the Scarf of Sexual Preference.

She was considered very unattractive by her peers (except for Ron and Draco), until she was accidentally hit in the face by Ron, which caused her appearance to change drastically, much to his liking (in actuality this was the excuse the cast used to justify why Hermione looks different, since Meredith was playing her instead of Bonnie).

Her strength is studying, and her weakness is drawing. Even though she can't draw, she is still the coolest girl in the whole wide world.

A Very Potter Sequel

In her first year at Hogwarts, nobody in the school can seem to get her name right (most often calling her Herman). Her cat, Crookshanks, constantly crawls into "the darndest places" which is how she meets Harry and Ron. She constantly is mocked for her appearance (first thought to be a night troll), and when she insults Draco's drawing, the other kids start to make fun of her lack of drawing ability (" Can't Draw"). Because of this, Hermione wishes to show the other kids the girl that she can be ("Coolest Girl").

She takes up a bet with Cho Chang that she will go into the shrieking shack and draw a picture of the monster in it if Cho will carry her books for the rest of the semester. She does this to prove that maybe somebody in the school cares about her, and it greatly upsets her when nobody tries to stop her. Harry and Ron then go to save her when they hear the monster and end up having to take on Lupin in werewolf form, whom they mistake for a vampire. Due of this occurrence, she is able to befriend Harry and Ron and even goes to help them when Harry decides to look for Sirius Black, whom they believe betrayed Harry's parents, who was spotted in the castle.

Later on in the play, Hermione is compared to Professor Umbridge by both Umbridge herself, and then by Cho. Ron sees how upset this makes her and tries to help by comparing her and Umbridge to the characters Spiderman and Venom, which helps to make her feel much better. She and Ron then go to meet up with "Little D", who turns out to be Draco from the future, to go save Harry. She and the rest of the Trio are then taken back in time by Draco, using his fathers time turner, in order to save Sirius. She is tortured by Lucius Malfoy and is almost killed by him until they are saved by werewolf Lupin, who was attracted to the group by Hermione's howls of pain. Before the end of her first year she is told by Future Draco that he has fallen in love with her. While she acknowledges that she has the lowest self-esteem out of everyone, she still believes that she can do better. Hermione then tells Draco that he will always be a "stepping stone" and thanks him for being there for her "to step on."

Very Potter Musical

Hermione spends much of her second year worrying about Harry's participation in the House Cup Tournament, believing it may be a set up to kill him. She has learned to stick up for herself more, as when Draco Malfoy insults Harry and Ron and calls her a mudblood, she does not hesitate to threaten him into apologizing. She is said, by Draco, to be the ugliest girl in school (a 9.8 on a scale of 10 where 1 would be ugly and 10 would be pretty) and is also said to be the last girl he'd ever ask to the Yule Ball (not even if they were the last two people on earth and she looked absolutely stunning in her ballgown so that every time he looked at her he got butterflies in his tummy). Later on, at the Yule Ball, she becomes the object of affection for both Draco and Ron, prompting the song "Danger." She and Ron proceed to have a fight, and she ends up slapping both he and Draco, before storming off.

Later on the two are forced to reconcile when they have to go with Harry to Dumbledore's office to learn some important news about horcruxes. When Harry is separated from the others, as he feels they are not safe with him around, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione go to find him and insist that he's "Not Alone" in this battle. Ron and Hermione completely reconcile before they split up again and discover their true feelings for each other. Hermione and Ginny then go to see if they can find help from the Order of the Phoenix while the boys go to find the last horcrux. They end up being captured, but are saved by Professor Snape, who they believed to be a traitor. When Harry goes off to sacrifice himself to Voldemort, the other kids want to give up, but Ron and Hermione encourage them to believe that if they just work together, they'll figure out a way to defeat the Dark Lord ("is Going Down").