The Starship Ranger Corp encountered the inhabitants of Bug Planet.


HUMANS: What are these hideous creatures? Disgusting! So gross! With such insidious features What on earth are we supposed To do But scream "bloody murder!" These things are odious We better kill 'em all right now Before someone gets hurt or They try to eat us We'd better blow 'em up with all our FIRE POWER

BUGS: Who are these hideous creatures? Invaders! So cruel! Who knows what they could be here for? What do they expect us to do But shout WHAT THE BUG?!! They're so repulsive! We'd better wipe 'em out right now Before they push their luck And someone falls if Something's gotta go then this is their FINAL HOUR


What are these hideous creatures?


BUGS: Repugnant! Ah!

HUMANS: Appalling!

BOTH: what is that sickening speech or Are they all just growling? All I gotta say is, "HOLY CRAP"

HUMANS: they're loathsome,

BUGS: nasty animals

BOTH: how dare they even start a brawl

HUMANS: take a piece of this-

BUGS: take a piece of that! You vile, vicious cannibals

Let's crush this hateful curse Before they get us first

We must de-stroy them all!!!!