Holy Musical B@man! is the fifth original online musical released by Team StarKid. The show is a retelling of the story of Batman, a comic book character created by DC Comics.

The Holy Musical B@man! Cast

HMB! was written and directed by Matt Lang and Nick Lang, with music and lyrics by Nick Gage and additional music by Scott Lamps. It features dance choreography by Katie Spelman, set design by Corey Lubowich, costume design by June Saito, lighting design by Sarah Petty and sound design by Mark Swiderski.

In March, StarKid presented the show completely free of charge in Chicago at the Hoover-Leppen Theatre in the Center on Halsted. There were eight performances in total, with four preview shows.

The recorded show premiered on YouTube on April 13th, 2012. A two-track album was released the same day for free download on Bandcamp, while the rest of the show's songs were released on the "That's What I Call StarKid! Volume 2" album on Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon.com.

Music[edit | edit source]

Band[edit | edit source]

Cast[edit | edit source]

Actor (*) Character
Nico Ager Sluggers \ Sherlock Holmes \ Citizen
Julia Albain Vicki Vale \ Evil Mother Goose
Chris Allen Alfred \ Two-Face
Jaime Lyn Beatty Candy \ Poison Ivy
Jeff Blim Sweet Tooth
Denise Donovan Catwoman \ Pizza Guy
Brian Holden Superman
Nick Lang Robin
Lauren Lopez Commissioner Gordon \ Calendar Man \ Evil King Arthur
Jim Povolo Matches \ Mr. Freeze
Dylan Saunders Scarecrow \ The Green Lantern
Meredith Stepien The Riddler \ TGI Fridays Worker \ Rachel Dawes
Nicholas Joseph Strauss-Matathia The Penguin \ Cop
Joe Walker Batman \ Chilly Willy

(*) Bold names denote the actor's onstage Starkid debut

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