Holy Musical B@man!
Holy Musical Batman (album)
StarKid Company
Released April 13th, 2012
Length 4:33
Label StarKid Productions

"Holy Musical B@man!" is a two-track album of songs from the musical of the same name. It was recorded by the cast and released on April 13th, 2012 (the same day as the YouTube release of Holy Musical B@man!) through Bandcamp as a free download.

Presumably, these songs were released for free on their own album to avoid any copyright infringement issues with DC Comics.

The rest of the songs from the show are available on the "That's What I Call StarKid! Volume 2" album on Bandcamp.

Track listingEdit

1) Holy Musical B@man!
2) Robin Sucks!


Nick Gage - Composer, Synth 1
Scott Lamps - Composer, Synth 2
Max Evarard - Synth 3
Justin Kono - Drums

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