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This page contains spoilers for Nightmare Time 2

Honey Queen features in the first episode of Nightmare Time 2, and is the first story of the second season of the livestream reading. It was livestreamed on October 23, 2021, and is available as a digital ticket.


It’s that time of year again… time for the Hatchetfield Honey Festival! And, of course, the whole town is wondering, “Who will be crowned this year’s Honey Queen?” When upper-crust socialite Linda Monroe sets her sights on the crown, she makes an enemy of cutthroat barista Zoey Chambers. Soon, what’s meant to be a pleasant pageant becomes a bloody nightmare as the two bitter rivals lie, cheat, steal, and kill their way to the top. It’s a battle to the death for the coveted throne of the Honey Queen.


Cast Member Character(s)
Dylan Saunders Gerald Monroe
James Tolbert River Monroe
Jeff Blim Sam Sweetly
Trent Monroe
Sea Captain
Lauren Lopez Linda Monroe
Mariah Rose Faith Zoey Chambers
Nick Lang Professor Hidgens
Jon Matteson Roman Murray
Paul Matthews
Corey Dorris Seaton Monroe
Man in Seat
Jaime Lyn Beatty Mima Chambers
Curt Mega Jordan Monroe
Zach Chambers
Liz's Husband
Kim Whalen Volunteer 1
Liz Cunningham
Bryce Charles Volunteer 2
Angela Giarratana Martha Wright
Jae Hughes Clerk
Joey Richter Malone
Homeless Man
Obnoxious Teen

Creative Team[]

Crew Member Job
Nick Lang Writer


Matt Lang Writer
Jeff Blim Composer
Matt Dahan Musical Director
Paul Gabriel Production Manager
Corey Lubowich Producer
Brian Holden Producer


Song Sung by
Honey Queen Jeff Blim
Latte Hatte Mariah Rose Faith
Queen B Lauren Lopez
The Nibbly Ditty Curt Mega. James Tolbert and Dylan Saunders


  • The synopsis for the episode as well as the cast list was released on October 21, 2021.