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Hot Chocolate Boy is a character in the Hatchetfield Universe. He features in both The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals and Black Friday. He is played by Robert Manion.

Production Played by Song
The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals Robert Manion La Dee Dah Dah Day
Black Friday What If Tomorrow Comes


  • Hot Chocolate Boy was not based off a background character from 2000's comedy Scary Movie.[1]
  • It would be impossible for Hot Chocolate Boy to be the Latte Hottay.[2]
  • Although Hot Chocolate Boy can be seen in What If Tomorrow Comes, he was originally going to have a larger role in Black Friday. The original script featured him as an employee at the Cineplex, where he would be accosted by Ethan Green over the cost of cinema tickets. However, as Robert Manion was later cast as Ethan, he could not play both characters at once (see Brian Rosenthal and Joey Richter), and so Hot Chocolate Boy's role was filled by Joey Richter's Cineplex Teen.
  • In the original script for TGWDLM, Hot Chocolate Boy was instead referred to as Obnoxious Teen.[3]
  • Hot Chocolate Boy did eventually get his hot chocolate, but he waited a long time and was infected before he got to drink it.[4]
  • There is a theory that he is Ethan's cousin, Oliver, although this has been disproven by Nick Lang.
  • There is another theory that he is "Ted's nerdy little brother" who is mentioned by Bill in Watcher World.
  • Hot Chocolate Boy's real name has been leaked (whodunnit though?), but the spread of the name was quickly stopped and many of those who do know are refusing to tell others. This may be because that it has been implied that he will have a larger role in a later show, and so his name is a spoiler.[5]