Jon Matteson

Lauren Lopez

Released December 24th, 2018
Length 2:58
Label StarKid Productions
Inevitable is a song from The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals sung by the character Paul Matthews (Jon Matteson) and Emma Perkins (Lauren Lopez) and ensemble. It is the fourteenth track on the soundtrack album.

At the near end of the musical, Emma leaves the hospital after being with the Nurse and Colonel Schaffer. Finally, Emma gets to go see Paul. However, that happiness is soon forgotten when Paul has been infected with the Apotheosis. He then tries to convince her to join them. At the end of the song, Emma has caught the Apotheosis.

Lyrics Edit


Emma I'm sorry You lost

Emma I’m sorry You lost your way

What if I told you I made it

And this is the life that I chose?

Would you even believe it, Emma?

Do you believe in ghosts?

What if I told you a story

That settled all the dust?

I'm still the man you trust

It's inevitable for us

[EMMA, spoken]

No! Get away from me! You’re not Paul, you're one of them!


Before, I had no ambition

But now my life is a song

Don't you want to see me happy?

Is it so tragically wrong?

What if the only choice is

You have to sing to survive?


We must go on with the show

It's inevitable


To know what I want now


Know what you want now


Emma, I want you To join the party

Aren't you going to tip me?


Get your cup of coffee


Look at the fun we're having already!




I found my calling

You can do the same now

Put your words to lyrics

And you're playin' the game now I

t’s all there is and all there ever was




Let me puke in your mouth, Em (Ahh)

Just open your food bin, girl (Ahh)

And you can join the hive

Then show me your—


Hands! Show me those jazz hands!

Get ’em up or you're shit outta luck!

Show me your hands! Show me those jazz hands!

Or I might be inclined


To plant my seed!




The hive needs to feed!




Happiness is guaranteed!




If you just give us one last


Show-stopping number!

With Emma front and center!

A kick line is inevitable!

What if I told you a story

How the world became peaceful and just?

It was inevitable Inevitable Inevitable

[PAUL, spoken]

The apotheosis is upon—



Trivia Edit

  • There is a fan theory that Colonel Schaffer, from the scene before inevitable, was never actually infected, as she had speaking lines in the scene and was not featured in Inevitable.
  • However, the Nurse was for sure infected, as she had no speaking lines but had singing lines in Inevitable.
  • Emma was wearing a white bandage on her knee, from the gunshot in the plane scene.
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