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Jaime Lyn Beatty is a founding member of Team StarKid. After playing Ginny in A Very Potter Musical, she went on to become the most prolific actor in the group, appearing in every StarKid stage show to date with the exception of Ani (as it was produced simultaneously with The Trail to Oregon!). Additionally, she was in the casts for both the SPACE Tour and the Apocalyptour, as well as the live sketch show Airport for Birds and the reunion concerts A Very StarKid Reunion and StarKid Homecoming.

Jaime lives in Los Angeles with her husband Andrew, whom she married on August 31, 2019. She also lives with her great-grandpuppet Frupert, her fish son, Alan, and her doghter, Nori.


Jaime Lyn Beatty was born and raised in New York City. She married her husband, Andrew, on August 31st 2019. She is gorgeous, an amazing actress, a queen, a goddess, and a TREMENDOUS singer - like, girl got PIPES!

Jaime is StarKid's most regular performer, appearing in 11 of the 12 musicals (the exception being in Ani: A Parody, which ran alongside The Trail to Oregon!).

Jaime's debut EP, Dolphin Safe Tunes

Outside of StarKid, Jaime has written and produced her own EP, the Dolphin Safe Tunes. She's also starred in various musicals, such as Cowboy Elektra, Glass Ceilings and Starry, because she's insanely talented. Jaime has also written and hosted The Review Review for Google Maps.

Jaime is supermegafoxyawesomehot and totally awesome. She deserves soooooo much more love than she gets, and MUST HAVE A LEAD SOON. Her range is something astounding - both acting and singing - and she's quirky, adorable, crazy, and wonderfully unique.


She is a proud graduate of the Drama Department at the world renowned LaGuardia High School for Performing Arts (a.k.a the "FAME" school) and has studied improv at Second City Chicago and with LA's The Groundlings founder Gary Austin. Jaime Lyn has her BFA in Acting from The University of Michigan.

StarKid roles[]

Year Production Role
2009 A Very Potter Musical Ginny Weasley
2009 Me and My Dick Sally
2010 A Very Potter Sequel Rita Skeeter
2012 A Very Potter Senior Year Ginny Weasley
2011 Starship Neato Mosquito
2012 Holy Musical B@man! Poison Ivy


2013 Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier Ursula



2014 The Trail to Oregon! Daughter
2016 Firebringer Schwoopsie
2018 The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals Charlotte



Colonel Schaffer

Jaime's PEIP Field Agent

Jaime's Hatchetfield Citizen

2019 Black Friday Sherman Young

Secretary of State



Jaime's Sniggle

2020 A VHS Christmas Carol Ghost of Christmas Past
2020 Nightmare Time Episode 1 (The Hatchetfield Ape Man)

Singer of The Hatchetfield Ape Man

Episode 2 (Time Bastard)


CCRP Scientist 1


Wedding DJ

Episode 3 (Jane's a Car)

Jane Perkins

Episode 3 (The Witch in the Web)

Pamela Foster

3-Girl Creature

2021 Nightmare Time 2 Episode 1 (Honey Queen)


Mima Chambers

Episode 3 (Daddy)

Sherman Young

Sheila Young


Episode 3 (Killer Track)

Beth (Killer Track)


Sheila Young

Episode 4 (Yellow Jacket)

Test Taker

Sherman Young

Ensemble in Next Time


In 2006 she was honored at the 51st Annual Drama Desk Awards with a scholarship award for Excellence in Acting and Production presented by actor Richard Griffiths.

In 2019, Jaime won the Los Angeles Broadway World Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical - Local for her performance as Charlotte in The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals.[1]

Additional Theater Credits[]

At 12 years old, she became the first child member to be accepted at the famed Thirteenth Street Repertory Company. She has worked with Rogue Artists Ensemble.


  • Fridgelight (2005)
  • Treasures of the Past (2009)
  • Free Trade (2010)
  • Worst Musical (2012)
  • Motown Magic (2018-present)

Special Skills (everything)[]

  • being a fucking queen like SERIOUSLY we actually stan
  • also being an actual goddess (props to Glass Ceilings for recognising that)
  • accidentally making famous quotes; "Jobs fill your pockets. Adventures fill your soul."
  • intentionally making wholesome quotes; -heLLuVa lOt oF tUrBULenCE/ -A TREE IS A WISH YOUR HEART MAKES/ -I've seen many clouds that looked like trees in my life, but I've never seen a tree that looked like a cloud/ -hidden red bread??/ -much like an orphan, this painting is in desperate need of a DADDY WARBUCKS/ -cats must be fabulous painters because BOY THEY CAN SCRATCH/ -attention seeker of a tree.../ -I'm smiling but you can't tell... inside and out./ -Bob talks a lot about happy accidents, makes me wonder if there are any depressed intentions.../ -I talked to a tree once. It didn't talk back but I tried.../ -I find that when you want to scream the most is when you should probably whisper./ -JAIME LYN BEATTY: THE BLOTTER/ -Blotter sounds a lot like bladder, don't confuse the two/ -With the blues also come lighter blues and some browns and reds.
  • making amazing Jokes
  • being evil
  • having the best facial expressions (I wasn't watching bug in starship when she was on stage, look at her as a 2d bug)
  • being amazing at singing
  • and having a voice that can go extraordinarily astonishingly fabulously high
  • having a great laugh
  • being able to do really good harmonies on anything, and sticking to the key sig
  • going full out on everything.
  • Faking dying from dysentery
  • Drinking and smoking in work
  • being Rita Skeeter. No yeah really she's absolutely amazing at it
  • buying 850 wiggly dolls
  • when you LoVE eACh OtHerRrr
  • tHe yEaRs hAvE pAsSeD
  • dancing and holding hands with Gary 💕
  • wondering where all the blood came from
  • being a fantastic mother to Alan and Nori
  • wearing a lycra costume and dancing in a parking lot
  • being a mermaid holding a keytar in the arms of Bo Jackson
  • being an incredibly versatile actress singer, SHE CAN DO ANYTHING!!
  • being Jaime!!!
  • telling bad jokes
  • making me want to go all the way to America so I can see you.
  • more props
  • voices. she does voices, and she does them WELL.
  • spinning silk in private sweatshops
  • painting and having happy accidents
  • did we mention p r o p s
  • she's seriously photogenic
  • standing up for what she believes in and using social media platforms to spread the word
  • props
  • making beautiful, weird, iconic, chaotic and often disturbing content
  • baking tomato soup cakes
  • wishing Muppets were her father
  • have a puppet great-great-great-great-...-grandfather
  • writing Valentine's Day posts to said puppet
  • singing to a fish
  • creating the most feral skits ever like omg
  • making out with Santa Claus
  • not aging (how the hell does she do it?!)
  • stroking guitars
  • high-pitched giggles, Candy stole HMB hands down
  • whatever she was doing as Ursula, DAMN
  • looking for love on the trail
  • asking people to study with her
  • telling people what they gotta do is
  • going to kick your ass and then going to fucking kick your ass
  • B E L T I N G
  • having the most brilliant blue eyes ever
  • getting triples for you
  • being a wonderful supportive girlfriend
  • (highly underrated) eyebrow quirks
  • (also highly underrated) hip and leg movements - focus on her in Not Your Seed and Let Him Come. You will NOT regret it.
  • being ridiculously, insanely, quite illegally talented (she was doing THIS in high school, for god's sake, can we get her a cock-sucking, motherfucking, cock-a-doodle lead?!)
  • staying in character, she literally never breaks
  • being a very persistent caroller, damn does she wanna sing
  • putting a spell on literally everyone and everything (I swear Alan is either enchanted or trained, probably both because I would be both)
  • flying around on Swiffers
  • Adopting a really adorable puppy who loves belly rubs
  • she's really good at p r o p s
  • being left-handed (you could say she was born with this)
  • rising up from the underground
  • rising up like a natural disaster
  • making me question my sexuality, she's scarily good at it
  • Having an adorable smile
  • making everyone question their sexuality when she wears a suit, or a Poison Ivy costume
  • making the best shwoopsies
  • just being really adorable
  • having the brightest smile in the world
  • being an activist for black lives matter on insta that is a rly good thing to do and shows that she knows how use her influence
  • standing in line for 168 hours for a Wiggly, eating nothing by snacks packed in a cooler by her mother and defecating into a bucket
  • not blinking for scarily long amounts of time (for proof, her "Inventor of FYRE" sketch and her Sherman monologue)
  • singing to herself in the bathroom on stage
  • applying body lotion on her face
  • honestly if you haven't watched Jaime in Shitty (it's actually glorious) Broadway's cover of My Bathroom what are you doing with your life
  • she's an amazing singer, yes, this needs to be said over and over again
  • also props
  • being my absolute favourite
  • mine too!
  • mine threeeee
  • mine four
  • mine five
  • mine sixxxxxx
  • mine seven!!!
  • mine eight
  • mine nine oop~
  • miiiine teeeen
  • mine eleven
  • mine t h i r t e e n
  • Mine fourteen!!!
  • Mine fifteen!!!!!!
  • mine sixteen :)!
  • mine s e v e n t e e n
  • mine eighteen :D
  • supporting all loves and lives and just being generally wonderful
  • being an absolute icon
  • being a girl with a gun
  • being out for blood
  • having bloodlust
  • props
  • singing like a goddess
  • supporting LGBTQIA+ all her life :)
  • wanting to have Carribean Study with Joey-Richter-the-character
  • playing teenagers (Sally, Ginny, the Daughter, Deb, Noelle... there's a trend here, what's Starkid trying to tell us?)
  • having a patreon!! support if you can!!
  • curing a lot of depression
  • being the best part of the "Musicals to the Best of Our Recollection" series
    • "No one wears very many bells like Gaston"
    • being frustrated because she can't remember all of Wicked
    • the perfect rendition of 'Memories'
    • not liking La La Land
    • tHe eNThUsIAsm
    • "OH! A staircase! OH! A foyer!" "Icicles shooting out of her fingers!!!"
    • the spot-on Kristin Chenoweth impressions
    • "No one wears very many bells like Gaston"
    • wishing LeFou and Gaston were the main relationship instead of 'Beauty and the Beast'
    • being 100% wrong about Love Never Dies being the prequel to Phantom of the Opera
    • just ahh she is so wonderfulllllllllllll
  • doing really weird stuff with baby dolls
  • asking a lot of people at her wedding what they would do if they had to eat human flesh
  • being gorgeous
  • being one of the original members of the best group of humans on the planet
  • wanting to break Diane (I'm praying for Nori)
  • having been in as many of Starkid's musicals as humanly possible
  • and holding the record for being in the most Starkid musicals
  • generally being a light in everyone's life
  • having the purest, brightest smile ever
  • inventing comedy
  • being an honorary redhead
  • also being a mermaid at this point, she might as well own mermaidship
  • being adorable
  • not being a doctor
  • wanting to show Emma her dead husband's blue brains
  • having John F Kennedy as her political hero
  • urging people to keep cool heads
  • making candy puns even when she's not allowed to, YOU SHOW THE PATRIARCHY
  • being the 'star' of Darren Criss' one-man show Posthumous in college, as the ex-girlfriend in the pictures projected on the screen
  • having the most adorable non-human children ever
  • that key-changed "TO DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE" in Starkid Homecoming *swoons*
  • being wonderfully punny
  • pretending to be Swedish for 10 years
  • being a good actor because of that
  • being raised by a pack of Swedish wolfhounds and Mamma Mia (don't test her!)
  • wanting to be a "wiener/winner", not a loser
  • being the most entertaining part of Definitely Not Clue god it's so good
  • Putting enough coffee in the sugar
  • Using an invisibility cloak so she can fake her own death so she can see people cry at the funeral
  • making puns
  • having the most adorable account for Alan and Nori
  • giving Harry Potter five years of her life!
  • auditioning for the role of Laundry 2 (and killing it)
  • being FIERCELY ticklish
  • having the most happy wedding ever (the aesthetic! the gold! the cute! the happiness!)
  • having her eyes disfigured
  • holding that one note for the entirety of Backfired (needs! to! be! talked! about! more!)
  • did we mention props
  • did we mention singing
  • finding dirt snowflakes
  • looking for a dirty way to win
  • "Ginny walks up a crooked staircase to the bedroom" - AVPSY
  • also just her eyes in AVPSY
  • Freeing up your heart and breaking you open
  • having a knack for laundry, toaster and wind roles
    • it'll be a crime if she isn't chosen for those
    • all while in a green morph suit
  • being a car
  • Waiting for Joey to walk to school
  • can do an amazing little kid voice
  • not being tricked by the same trick that tricked her when she was little(but then she does get tricked)
  • not stopping until she finds her mom again (absolutely wholesome)

Dream Roles[]

This is what she'd like to play, and what we'd like to see her play!

  • Dawn in Waitress
  • Belle in Beauty and the Beast
  • Jane Seymour in Six
  • Katherine Howard in Six
  • Persephone in Hadestown
  • Ariel in The Little Mermaid
  • Ursula in The Little Mermaid
  • Trina in Falsettos
  • Elphaba in Wicked
  • Cady Heron in Mean Girls
  • Any main, hell, she's a goddess with ~r a n g e~