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Jaime Lyn Beatty (born May 28, 1987) is an American actress, singer, writer, producer and performer based in Los Angeles. She is best known for her work with American musical theatre company Team StarKid.

Early Life and Education[]

Jaime was born and raised in New York. At the age of twelve she became the youngest person to ever be accepted to the Thirteenth Street Repertory Company. Jaime attended the world renowned LaGuardia High School for Performing Arts (a.k.a the "FAME" school) where she graduated from the drama department. Jaime then attended the University of Michigan where she graduated with a BFA in acting.


Jaime has featured in a number of theatre productions throughout her professional career. In 2010 she featured as One in a staged reading of Daughter of Lot at WorkShop Theater Company Jewel Box Theater, New York playing the character on One. She has since featured in productions such as The Moms: Fannypackin' Heat as well as being an original cast member of Glass Ceilings: A New Musical. Jaime featured as Emile Bernard and Agostina Segatori in the cast recording, reading and 54 below performance of Matt Dahan's musical Starry.

Jaime has also featured in a number of non-theatre projects such as appearing as a mermaid in a Sprint Super Bowl Commercials in 2019, appearing in the TV Series World's Worst Musical as both Karen and Pig #1 and hosting the Google show The Review Review. Jaime has also featured in a number of short films such as The Truth of IT, Otto Cannot Dream, The Way You Look Tonight and Designated Rider, which she also served as producer and co-writer for.

Jaime also spends her free time making sketches, comedy videos and songs on her YouTube channel.

StarKid Productions[]

Beatty met the members of what is now StarKid while collaborating on plays through Basement Arts, the university's student-run theatre organization. Their first play was based on The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, in which she played Gollum's Right Hand. The show succeeded in developing a working relationship among the StarKids-to-be. At that point, there was no concept that they were in some sort of troupe — they were just friends with each other in the School of Music, Theatre & Dance.

In 2009, Jaime featured in A Very Potter Musical starring as Ginny Weasley which sold out its four performances at UMich. A recorded version of the show that was posted on YouTube for family members to watch went viral and StarKid Productions was created with Jaime as one of it's founding members.

Jaime has sine gone on to become one of the most prolific members of Team StarKid featuring in 13 musicals, 2 national tours, 2 concerts, 2 sketch shows and 3 web series'. Jaime has also aided in constructing props for StarKid shows such as creating sings for Beanie's in The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals as well as creating Schwoopsie's flower in Firebringer.

Jaime has featured in every StarKid musical (with the exception of Ani: A Parody, which ran concurrently with The Trail to Oregon!) as well as featuring in both Apocalyptour and The SPACE Tour, the reunion concerts A Very Starkid Reunion and Starkid Homecoming and three web series' Movies, Musicals, & Me, Nightmare Time and Nightmare Time 2. Jaime also served as associate producer for VHS Christmas Carol Live!.

Year Production Creative Role Acting Role
2009 A Very Potter Musical N/A Ginny Weasley
2009 Me and My Dick Soundtrack Editor Sally
2010 A Very Potter Sequel N/A Rita Skeeter
Ginny Weasley
2011 Starship N/A Neato Mosquito
2012 A Very Potter Senior Year N/A Ginny Weasley
2012 Holy Musical B@man! N/A Candy
Poison Ivy
2013 Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier N/A Belle
2014 The Trail to Oregon! N/A Daughter
2016 Firebringer N/A Schwoopsie
2017 Movies, Musicals, & Me N/A Charlotte Toodleberg
2018 The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals N/A Charlotte Sweetly
Colonel Schaffer
2019 Black Friday N/A Sherman Young
Charlotte Sweetly
2020 Nightmare Time N/A Charlotte Sweetly
Jane Perkins
Pamela Foster
2020 A VHS Christmas Carol N/A Ghost of Christmas Past
2021 Nightmare Time 2 N/A Mary
Mima Chambers
Sherman Young
Sheila Young
2021 VHS Christmas Carol Live! Associate Producer Ghost of Christmas Past


Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2006 51st Annual Drama Desk Awards Scholarship Award for Excellence in Acting and Production N/A Won
2019 BroadwayWorld Los Angeles Awards Featured Actress in a Musical - Local The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals Won

Personal Life[]

Jaime currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband Andrew, her dog Nori, her fish Alan and her puppet Frupert.