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Jane's A Car features in the third episode of Nightmare Time, and is the fifth story of the three-part livestreamed reading. It was performed on October 24, 2020 and released on YouTube on the 14th February 2021.


After a year and a half of repairs, widower Tom Houston is reunited with his newly restored 1986 Foxbody Mustang, only to find that the car now carries a ghostly passenger...


The story begins in Tony Green's bodyshop. While Ethan fixes the car Lex listens to the radio. However, her listening is soon interrupted by the car magically shifting to the tape deck and a mysterious voice can be heard. With Ethan's help Lex gets it to switch back to the radio. When she's told to give the car some gas Lex obliges and the car moves forward almost hitting and killing Ethan.

We then move to Pizza Pete's where we see Tim and Tom Houston waiting for Becky Barnes. Becky arrives and while Tom orders food Tim and Becky play Zombie House. Later that night while Tim is asleep upstairs Tom and Becky have sex to Santa Claus is Goin' to High School (again). The next day Tom collects his car from Tony who offers to find Tom a seller. He declines. When his car is back in his own garage Tom speaks to his car expressing how he missed it before turning to the passenger seat and saying he misses Jane also. A ghostly voice responds to him but Tom thinks nothing of it.

The next day; Tom drives Tim to school but after Tim gets out the car, honks it's horn reminding Tim of his lunch which he forgot. Tom later bumps into Becky at the book store looking into the voice he heard. Becky flirts with him but Tom seems closed and cut off. Later that day Tom discovers that Jane's spirit was transferred to the car due to the tape they were listening to during the crash. Jane takes Tom around town looking at women to run over so she can possess them. Jane eventually settles on Greenpeace Girl but she gets away due to Tom's protests. Once they're home Tom and Jane have sex before Tim appears.

Tom suggests they go see a movie just the three of them (meaning him, Tim and Jane) but Tim interprets it as him meaning Becky. Jane is angered by Tom's relationship with Becky and makes him go break things of with her. Becky seems concerned for Tom's mental well-being as he tells her everything. After the breakup Jane lures Becky outside before chasing her into the woods and ultimately hitting her with the car.

Later Becky wakes up and discusses with Doug the Cop the events of the previous night. It's revealed that Tom has been arrested. Later on, Becky goes to Tom's house where Tim is sleeping. It is then revealed that Becky is actually Jane.


Cast Member Character(s)
Jeff Blim Tape Voice
Angela Giarratana Lex Foster
Robert Manion Ethan Green
Tony Green
Dylan Saunders Tom Houston
Kendall Nicole Tim Houston
Kim Whalen Becky Barnes
Joey Richter Obnoxious Teen
Lauren Lopez Jacqueline Frost
Jaime Lyn Beatty Jane Perkins
Mariah Rose Faith Greenpeace Girl

Additional Crew[]

Crew Member Job
Corey Lubowich Technical supervisor
Matt Dahan Musical accompaniment
Nick Lang Narrator


Song Sung by
Jane's A Car Dylan Saunders