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Jeff Blim (born May 12, 1984) is an actor, singer, writer, composer, and lyricist known for his work in Team StarKid. He was born in Mt. Prospect, Illinois and is currently living in Los Angeles, California.

Along with other longtime StarKids, he attended University of Michigan, graduating in 2007. He dual-majored in both jazz studies and theatre performance.

Early Life[]

Jeff Blim started playing trumpet and participating in show choir in second grade, "cuz [they were] loud," and he wanted to spite his teacher. He got into writing and composing songs for musical theatre during a 24 Hour Theatre event, where he put on an early production of what would become The Trail to Oregon!, and he first met Nick Lang in college when Nick came to see The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged, a show that Jeff performed in alongside Lauren Lopez. He officially became a StarKid when the Langs asked him to audition for the role of Sweet Tooth in Holy Musical B@man!

His brother, Chris Blim, is also an actor and has appeared in several films, including Water for Elephants.


Jeff played villains Sweet Tooth in Holy Musical B@man!, Aladdin in Twisted, and Aragog in A Very Potter Senior Year. In both the Chicago and NYC productions of The Trail to Oregon!, he played the Father, and in The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals, he played a variety of characters, including Sam and General McNamara. In Black Friday, he reprised his role as McNamara, along with playing A Man In A Hurry. During the November 30th showing of Black Friday, when costar Dylan Saunders was out sick, Jeff Blim—learning the entire part in less than 24 hours—took up the role of Tom Houston, as well as playing McNamara.

In Nightmare Time, he plays a number of characters, including Tinky, Andy Kilgore, Chumby, and Man in a Hurry, as well as lending his vocals to various songs from the show, most notably "One Thousand Eyes".

He was at StarKid Homecoming, prominently featured in the medleys of TGWDLM, TTO, and Twisted.

Jeff wrote the music and lyrics for The Trail To Oregon! in addition to serving as co-writer and saxophone soloist. He scored both The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals and Black Friday, as well as Nightmare Time.

He also acted in and wrote for StarKid's two sketch comedy shows, Airport for Birds and 1Night 2Last 3Ever.

Additional Work[]

Onstage, Jeff Blim has played Paul Gauguin in all the stage productions of the musical Starry, as well as its concept album. He has also done several shows with the Annoyance Theatre (including one he wrote himself), along with Jon Matteson. He took on the role of Jan in courtchicago's production of Native Son in 2015, and in 2009, he played Chuck and understudied Ren in the 10th National Anniversary Tour of Footloose. Additionally, Jeff has performed in several shows at the Boomstick Theatre, such as Our Father Who Art In Cleveland, and, alongside StarKid bassist Josh Fleury, Emerge (a recurring cabaret show).

On television, he has appeared in Chicago Med, 9-1-1, Veep, APB, and S.W.A.T. He also played Jonah, a recurring character, on Darren Criss and the Langs' Quibi show Royalties, alongside some other members of StarKid.

He worked on the Jim and the Povolos album Seems Right, and performed and toured with them in 2013, as well as lending his trumpet, piano, and saxophone playing. He also provided lead vocals for their song Committed.

Jeff Blim co-hosts a podcast series with Jon Matteson called Rim Tim Timmy's Fun Time Hour, wherein he plays the eponymous Rim Tim Timmy. He also has several unreleased projects, such as his original musical Flesh, and My Pet Brother, a short film he made with Jon.

He started offering online classes on Artists & Beyond in September 2020, focusing on acting, musical arrangement, songwriting, vocal styling & technique, and self-taping.

Additional Facts[]

  • Jeff can play alto saxophone, piano, and trumpet (though in an interview on the podcast Broadway Journeys, he says he doesn't play much of the latter anymore).
  • He is left-handed.
  • He has stated on Broadway Journeys that, as of The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals, his favorite role has been Sweet Tooth.
  • Jeff has never stated exactly how big his vocal range is, but, in a Rim Tim Timmy's Fun Time Hour episode, Jon Matteson stated that Jeff is "definitely a three plus" in terms of octaves.
  • In the 10 Year Anniversary stream, Nick Lang stated that in college, Jeff's last name became synonymous with getting buff after Jeff started working out during the summer. Subsequently, the phrase "getting Blimmed" became common around Nick and Eric Kahn Gale's friend group.
  • Jeff loves baseball.
  • Jeff considers himself the "first" StarKid fan, as he attended a lot of the shows founding members wrote/were in (and vice versa) and has always been a big fan of the Langs' work.
  • His favorite song of The Trail to Oregon! to write was "Lost Without You," and the most difficult one to write was "Speedrun."
  • In a Twitter Q&A back in 2015, Jeff said that his favorite way of dealing with stage fright is to act more nervous than he actually is. In the commentary for The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals, several cast members confirm this by talking about how Jeff would often pretend he was really stressed out backstage and during quick changes (this was once again confirmed in the AVPM Turns 10 Livestream!).
  • As well as writing the music and lyrics for TGWDLM, Jeff also wrote a decent amount of dialogue for the show, including Professor Hidgens' Workin' Boys monologue and Mr. Davidson's phone call to Carol! In the show's commentary, Nick Lang said that he "couldn't be more pleased" with those scenes.
  • According to one of Jon Matteson's Twitch livestreams, Jeff is good at golf.
  • His character in Starry, Paul "Pirate" Gauguin, was supposed to carry around a sword. But Jeff kept accidentally hitting others with it, so the sword gradually changed into a small dagger.
  • His hair routine is the "curly girl method".
  • In the Hatchetfield shows (TGWDLM, Black Friday, NMTS1, and NMTS2) Jeff plays 22 characters, which gives him the most Hatchetfield roles out of everyone.

Special Skills[]

  • hating capitalism
  • Being the god of chaos (REEIIIGGNNNSS)
  • Scaring the shit out of everyone regularly
  • Going on the trail to Oregon
  • Chasing Jon Matteson with a broom
  • Catching butterflies
  • Radiating chaotic energy when he wants to
  • Radiating soft energy
  • Writing the best soundtracks in the universe
  • Looking like Jesus
  • Having lustrous hair
  • Telling people to just run away if you want if you dAaaaaarRrrrreeee
  • Expert watch-wearer
  • Getting chased by a murderous mob
  • Beating Jon Matteson at MLB Online
  • Wearing fashionable waistcoats
  • Being the Jim Carrey of theater
  • Being stone cold slober
  • Defusing bombs
  • Being a great teacher
  • having a great falsetto
  • having a great chest voice
  • having a great mix belt (basically just everything about his voice)
  • being in a hurry
  • authorising people to use his firearm
  • Stealing everything (specifically bread, crutches from orphans, Not Jezabel's hymen, candy from babies, the shirt off your back, credit, identities, thunder and scenes, intellectual property (whatever that means) and he might just steal your HEEEEEEEAAAAAAARTt!!!)
  • being the best StarKid (apart from Lauren)
  • Saying that the Joker is a Sucker
  • pulling random candies out of his pockets and pretending the videos weren’t edited together to make it look like he grabbed the right one every time
  • pulling a Snickers bar at a panel to prove how good with puns he is
  • Being the only one who makes the candy puns around here
  • killing the funniest character in TGWDLM (is this Hidgens or Ted???? Who the fuck knows?)
  • playing a demonic goat and still being epic
  • Never being heard of. Not a peep
  • Getting brought back to life...TWICE!
  • Being in a squad with only him and his peeps.
  • being pretty
  • Clobbering Snugglebugs
  • Telling us the moon landing was a lie (it's a hoax)
  • Knowing what it is to want
  • getting through a show with food poisoning
  • writing the most chilling lyrics in the history of Starkid
  • transforming into a murderous cyborg using only tin foil
  • making "hohohoho hohohoho ha oX LikE mE" one of the funniest scenes of TTO
  • showing those jazz hands
  • wanting to be choked out.
  • announcing that Steve's a-comin'
  • She-she-she-she-she-she
  • Being the host now
  • “Where in the Jiminy Crickets is he?”
  • Being Blimmed
  • looking damned good in a half pony
  • going with the GRIIIIIIIIND
  • not paying attention
  • sucking snake venom
  • being tricked by the General Store Guy
  • Enquiring what Paul wants
  • Cannot be reiterated enough. Godlike hair.
  • Making the best faces
  • Flying to Oregon
  • Not knowing what you are (THE WATCHERS WITH A THOUSAND EYES)
  • Never leaving
  • Being in too much of a hurry to say that he is in a hurry.