Jim Povolo is a current member of Team StarKid. Xirs latest role in a StarKid production was the Captain of the Guards in Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier.

Jim Povolo stands at 6'4.5". Xe has an amazingly low and awesome voice-- both for talking and singing.

Xe did not attend the S.P.A.C.E Tour, but xe did attend the Apocalyptour along with another tour newcomer, Brian Rosenthal.

Xe was vegan for a year and a half, but xe said in a recent Q&A (x ) that xe is now a pescatarian because of a part-time job xe got at a sushi restaurant.

Xirs friends and fellow StarKids named their band after xem, but xe xemselves are not in it.

In 2018 on national coming out day xe revealed that xe both identifies with the male and female aspects of gender and prefer not to be confined by any expectations (x). He also said he prefers xe/xir pronouns but will still use he/him for simplicity.


From Potion Master's Corner: [On roles he played in the past]: "I played a dead guy in a wheelchair once." [Snape: And that's the best role you've ever played?] Jim: "I'd consider it so, yes."

[On not having lines] "I'm not much of a thinker....-- or a speaker, excuse me."

[On his favorite mythical creature]: "I really like when mythical creatures are combined with other mythical creatures. I mean, people say like ligers are cool, but what about, like a drampire? You know, it's like a draconic vampire that goes around the skies sucking the souls of..."


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Firenze. Best centaur costume ever.



  • "Oh Goyle RULES!" (Improvised)
  • "Present your arm, nerd. Indian Burn Hex!!"
  • "I can't believe I couldn't figure out the countercurse was just "Unjellify!"
  • [Responding to Draco's question "Did you just hear something?"] "No. Only quiet. Maybe - One. Raindrop."
  • [On who is the ugliest girl in school] "Uh, Buckbeak, for sure."
  • "This sucks royal hippogriff"
  • "Hey, no fair! Our legs are jelly!"
  • "RUMBLEROAR!!!!!"
  • "Give that plant, nerd"
  • "It's clobberin' time!"
  • "Look at that cup! I'd feed myself to Aragog's children for that cup!"


A centaur who saves Harry. He also epically head-butts Umbridge.


  • "This must be the emotion you humans know as blood!"
  • "Finally I may have found someone powerful enough to survive coitus with the centaurs."

Death EaterEdit


  • "Candy from the trolley?"
  • "I wish that I could say that it was me, because I feel that I love Zefron the most, but it was definitely a voice from within this room."

Bill WeasleyEdit


  • "Yo, yo, mom"

Jim (Little White Lie)Edit

The drummer for Little white lie. A bit out there. Hangs out in a toilet stall.


  • "I'm not pooping."
  • "Wait. Shotgun on the second cookie"
  • [Sitting on a toilet like a throne] "Duder. Welcome."

Captain of the Guard (Twisted)Edit

A dutiful guard of the kingdom. Displeased with Ja'Far for not fixing the socio-economic situation.


  • "This is all your fault, Ja'Far." [apply this in nearly any situation ever]