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Jim Povolo is a member of Team StarKid. Born on February 11, 1987

Jim Povolo stands at 6'4.5". Xe has an amazingly low and awesome voice-- both for talking and singing.

Xe did not attend the S.P.A.C.E Tour, but xe did attend the Apocalyptour along with another tour newcomer, Brian Rosenthal.

Xe was vegan for a year and a half, but said in a Q&A (x ) that xe's now a pescatarian because of a part-time job xe had at a sushi restaurant.

Xir friends and fellow StarKids named their band after xir, but xe is not in it.

In 2018, on National Coming Out Day, xe revealed that xe identifies with both the male and female aspects of xir gender and prefer not to be confined by any expectations. Xe uses he/him or xe/xir pronouns (x).


From Potion Master's Corner: [On roles xe played in the past]: "I played a dead guy in a wheelchair once." [Snape: And that's the best role you've ever played?] Jim: "I'd consider it so, yes."

[On not having lines] "I'm not much of a thinker....-- or a speaker, excuse me."

[On xir favorite mythical creature]: "I really like when mythical creatures are combined with other mythical creatures. I mean, people say like ligers are cool, but what about, like a drampire? You know, it's like a draconic vampire that goes around the skies sucking the souls of..."