Jim Povolo is a current member of Team StarKid. His latest role in a StarKid production was the Captain of the Guards in Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier.

Jim Povolo stands at 6'4.5". He has an amazingly low and awesome voice-- both for talking and singing.

He did not attend the S.P.A.C.E Tour, but he did attend the Apocalyptour along with another tour newcomer, Brian Rosenthal.

He was vegan for a year and a half, but he said in a recent Q&A (x ) that he is now a pescatarian because of a part-time job he got at a sushi restaurant.

His friends and fellow StarKids named their band after him, but he himself is not in it.


From Potion Master's Corner: [On roles he played in the past]: "I played a dead guy in a wheelchair once." [Snape: And that's the best role you've ever played?] Jim: "I'd consider it so, yes."

[On not having lines] "I'm not much of a thinker....-- or a speaker, excuse me."

[On his favorite mythical creature]: "I really like when mythical creatures are combined with other mythical creatures. I mean, people say like ligers are cool, but what about, like a drampire? You know, it's like a draconic vampire that goes around the skies sucking the souls of..."


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Firenze. Best centaur costume ever.



  • "Oh Goyle RULES!" (Improvised)
  • "Present your arm, nerd. Indian Burn Hex!!"
  • "I can't believe I couldn't figure out the countercurse was just "Unjellify!"
  • [Responding to Draco's question "Did you just hear something?"] "No. Only quiet. Maybe - One. Raindrop."
  • [On who is the ugliest girl in school] "Uh, Buckbeak, for sure."
  • "This sucks royal hippogriff"
  • "Hey, no fair! Our legs are jelly!"
  • "RUMBLEROAR!!!!!"
  • "Give that plant, nerd"
  • "It's clobberin' time!"
  • "Look at that cup! I'd feed myself to Aragog's children for that cup!"


A centaur who saves Harry. He also epically head-butts Umbridge.


  • "This must be the emotion you humans know as blood!"
  • "Finally I may have found someone powerful enough to survive coitus with the centaurs."

Death EaterEdit


  • "Candy from the trolley?"
  • "I wish that I could say that it was me, because I feel that I love Zefron the most, but it was definitely a voice from within this room."

Bill WeasleyEdit


  • "Yo, yo, mom"

Jim (Little White Lie)Edit

The drummer for Little white lie. A bit out there. Hangs out in a toilet stall.


  • "I'm not pooping."
  • "Wait. Shotgun on the second cookie"
  • [Sitting on a toilet like a throne] "Duder. Welcome."

Captain of the Guard (Twisted)Edit

A dutiful guard of the kingdom. Displeased with Ja'Far for not fixing the socio-economic situation.


  • "This is all your fault, Ja'Far." [apply this in nearly any situation ever]