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Joe Donald Moses is a member of Team StarKid. He is largely known for playing Severus Snape in The Very Potter Trilogy.

He also played Krayonder (who can't confuse Tootsie Noodles with numbers) in Starship

His most recent project was touring with his self-titled show: Joe Moses One Man Showses. He also passed the Bar Exam recently and is getting married to long-time girlfriend and YouTube sensation Tessa Netting, who was Barb in "Spies are Forever".

Special Skills[]

Being aubsurd

Standing like a bat

Wanting to expell Lupin (CaN hE?)

Being Joe frickin Moses!

Being underrated af

Being in Ani, yes, that's it

Being Eh EVIL (Satan is a real man)

Calling Joe Walker Jim

being the best Snape that ever was in both starship planets (Like what is that hideous creature)

Getting Umbridge's text (now your getting me into this?!)