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This article is about the member of Team StarKid. For the protagonist of Me and My Dick, see Joey Richter (character).

Joseph Michael "Joey" Richter is a founding member of Team StarKid. He has been in 9 out of 12 StarKid musicals to date – notably playing Ron in A Very Potter Musical and its sequels, Joey in Me and My Dick, and Bug in Starship – as well as the casts of both the SPACE Tour and the Apocalyptour, and the reunion concerts A Very StarKid Reunion and StarKid Homecoming.

In addition to his work with StarKid, Joey co-founded LA-based sketch comedy group the Tin Can Brothers in 2014 along with fellow StarKids Corey Lubowich and Brian Rosenthal. He has appeared in many of their projects, including the stage shows Spies Are Forever and The Solve It Squad Returns.

Joey lives in Los Angeles with his fiancée Lauren Lopez and their chihuahua Diane. They have also fostered several other dogs at various times. On July 20, 2020, the pair announced their engagement via Instagram, confirming they had been in a relationship for eight years.[1][2]

Early life and education[]

Joey Richter grew up in Orange County, California. In high school, he was a competitive swimmer, racing in state and national competitions. Joey graduated from the University of Michigan in 2011 with a BFA in Acting, minoring in Global Media Studies.[3]

StarKid roles[]

Year Production Role
2009 A Very Potter Musical Ron Weasley
2010 A Very Potter Sequel
2012 A Very Potter Senior Year
2009 Me and My Dick Joey Richter
2011 Starship Bug
2014 The Trail to Oregon! (credited as "McDoon/Everyone Else")

McDoon/The Bandit King


Doctor at the Border

General Store Guy

The Horny Ox

Dancing Donkey Dude

Citizen of Independence #1

Citizen of Independence #2

Citizen of Independence #3

Citizen of Independence #4

Citizen of Independence #5

Baby Buffalo


2016 Firebringer Grunt
2018 The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals Ted

Homeless Guy

Danny (Smoke Club Boy)

2019 Black Friday Uncle Wiley

Homeless Guy

Cineplex Teen

Ted (cameo in final scene)

2020 The Hatchetfield Ape-Man Ted
2020 Watcher World Announcer


Ride Operator (possibly the Obnoxious Teen)

2020 Time Bastard Ted
2020 A VHS Christmas Carol Bob Cratchit

Other work[]

In 2011, in response to a running joke in A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel, the company behind Red Vines hired Joey and Joe Walker to do a series of promotional videos on YouTube entitled Tasty Tests.

In Camp Chapel, an independent short film, he played the lead of Alex Wilcott.

He played Themba the Zebra in the 2013 animated film Khumba.

He guest starred as Officer Petey (a minor recurring role) on the Disney Channel Show Jessie (Episodes: "Badfellas," "Cattle Calls and Scary Walls," "Green Eyed Monster," and "Pain in the Rear Window").

He played a small role (an earthbender named Hong Li) in the Nickelodeon animated show Legend Of Korra,

He was an extra in the Glee episode "Sadie Hawkins" as a member of NYADA's Glee club, Adam’s Apples, along with Tessa Netting

He also plays the role of Theon Greyjoy in the web series School of Thrones.

He appeared as Peter in the independent short film I Ship It, written and directed by Yulin Kuang for the Sundance Film Festival.

He has been part of the cast for four Shipwrecked Comedy projects. He played the part of Ernest Hemingway in Shipwrecked's comedy/murder mystery web series Edgar Allan Poe's Murder Mystery Dinner Party in 2016. He then returned in 2017 to play the role of Dash Gunfire in Shipwrecked's noir-inspired short film The Case of the Gilded Lily. In 2018 he made a cameo in their silent film trailer American Whoopee as Brooks Sousaphone. And, in 2019, he was a part of the Bookfarters Saga that took place between Shipwrecked Comedy and Tin Can Brothers.

He was in two Tin Can Bros productions. In the original musical Spies Are Forever, he played Owen, a British spy working for the SIS (Secret Intelligence Service), among other roles. In their Scooby Doo play parody, The Solve It Squad Returns, he performed as Benji "Scrags" Scragkowski, a once famous child sleuth turned FBI agent, obsessed with a case from his youth. He later reprised this role in the show's off-Broadway run.

Richter starred in a BuzzFeed short film "If Men Got Pregnant," which saw him appear as then-BuzzFeed producer Devin Lytle's pregnant husband (most likely an intentional casting).

He is also known for his many appearances in Shitty Broadway, an online series where Broadway songs are sung either quite well or very shittily.

Special Skills[]

  • playing a range of characters
  • just being generally amazing
  • yeah you mean being totally awesome
  • adopting a really cute chihuahua
  • having a smol goddess who’s three years older as a fiancé
  • because we love a good Richpez wedding
  • wanting to rather be a high bitch than friend lauren on facebook
  • having a great wonky jaw (we love u for it)
  • doing really fast costume changes
  • being able to go unnaturally high
  • never telling a girl he likes her because it makes him look like an idiot
  • sharing his birthday with Harry James Freaking Potter
  • making the ladies McSwoon
  • not missing his wife's anniversary
  • able to talk people into paying twice what they should
  • i quote (not exactly words but it’s on a q&a on youtube) “being just the best at everything, being the youngest, athletic and having scientific aspiration,” how true is that. It is from Brian
  • making everyone want to marry him, have u read these comments
  • british accents
  • having his hair slicked back
  • having amazing outfits for the tours
  • hitting those impossible notes
  • lighting wagons on fire
  • being the most attractive lobster we've ever seen
  • wanting to be a starship ranger!
  • Singing villain songs so well I can listen to them for hours
  • being the absolute best at playing villains
  • just learning to walk with his legs still shaking bcuz he's brand new and slipping
  • Saying no to the status quo
  • not committing treason
  • Being a time bastard
  • Playing a diverse range of characters
  • Is he the greatest, YES HE IS
  • better than a british accent than i am, and im british
  • Pulling the proposal to win all proposals and making the entire StarKid fandom cry
  • Breaking the StarKid fandom 2 Mondays in a row
  • stabbing a (jewish) nazi in ze back...literally
  • Burning families
  • Burning wagons
  • Being an iconic genie in an iconic bikini
  • Having the best fiance ever
  • Being *waves hand in front of eyes* THE BANDIT KING
  • trying to kill the fans on mondays (they're at an 8 week streak-)
  • wanting to go by his full name, Scragkowski
  • Crying in the choir room
  • Travelling back in time to save The Movie
  • Playing Tony in Independence Community Theater's production of West Side Story a couple years back.
  • Being big fish, small pond.
  • Being proud.
  • oh no, slipping
  • Stopping the flop
  • having high metabolism
  • breaking up with Curt Mega
  • Eating food that's to hot
  • Being absolutely silent after the death of Ryan Reynolds
  • Breaking that vow of silence just to scream "OH FUCK!!!"
  • Puzzling
  • Eating dogs
  • finding a new blouse and a new trash can too
  • getting high on bathsalt-zombie-drugs while snacking on a dead mans face
  • joining the cult of Wiggly
  • losing his feet and arm
  • Selling Bombs
  • Being a Hufflepuff and probably being a particularly good finder
  • Being too busy saying what's going on
  • Wanting a Child Bride(tm)
  • Having a big brother who’s name is Pat. (He wears a shirt and pants and sometimes a hat)
  • Pulling off(?) triple denim
  • Not having to go back to the bakery
  • Buying pastries for his and his wifes wedding anniversary
  • getting an autograph from The Deadliest Man Alive AND Agent Curt Mega
  • "I keep glitter up my sleaves, whacka, whacka!"
  • absolutely *NAILING* that awesome headband
  • Becoming a starship ranger
  • Being half the cast of tto
  • Doing the voice for The Bandit King *does the hand sign thing*
  • giving me gender envy as the villain in Black Friday
  • Absolutely nailing the headband.
  • handing people half eaten apples
  • Working at a place where you can’t just haggle prices and being just a high school kid.
  • Tickling Curt Mega with feathers
  • being supportive “Can I give you the pitch?” “Fuucking go for it”
  • Having a love of the herb
  • Having chill vibes
  • Being willing to take the challenge of transforming his body to the size and shape of a checkered tail nighthawk