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Jonathan "Jon" Matteson has been working as an actor in Chicago since 2011. He met Jeff Blim and Lauren Lopez in 2015 during an 80s musical romp called The Power of Prom. As a child, he was a military brat, and grew up in various states across the US. He was born in North Carolina, and has spent some time in Alaska and Pennsylvania, but cites his time in Leavenworth, Kansas, as his formative years. He moved to Los Angeles in January of 2019. He lives with Robert Manion.


Jon made his StarKid debut in 2018 with his performance as the lead role of Paul in The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals. He had worked with many StarKids before, including performing in Starkid's production of Sex: AKA Weiners and Boobs during their 2016 Summer Season, as well as starring in a Nick Lang-directed, Jeff Blim-written show in 2016 at the Annoyance Theatre.

Following TGWDLM, in late 2019, Jon took on the role of Wiggly in the show's sequel, Black Friday, along with reprising the role of Paul, and playing the minor characters of Gary Goldstein and the Secretary of Defense. He then took part in the new series, Nightmare Time, in 2020, once again playing Paul--prominently featured in the episode Forever & Always--along with various other minor characters.

Jon also was a performer in StarKid's 10-year anniversary concert, StarKid Homecoming, in 2019.

In the same year, Jon won the Los Angeles Broadway World Award for Best Leading Actor In a Musical - Local for his performance as Paul in The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals[1].

Additional Work[]

Jon has performed regularly with The Second City, in particular, performing aboard the cruise ship the Gem for several months.

Jon was a founding member of (re)discover theatre in Chicago, Il, starring in Hamlet and "An Evening of Beckett."

He also frequently collaborates with the previously mentioned Annoyance Theater, performing in an improv show titled Simon & Shooster, Tiny Fascists: A Boy Scout Musical, and Shark Tank: The Musical, among other shows. Most notably, he wrote and starred in his own solo show, "Jon Matteson: A Solo Show by Jon Matteson," with direction by Case Blackwell and music by Jeff Blim. The full show can be found for free on his YouTube channel.

On said YouTube channel, Jon has created and starred in numerous comedy sketches, including Beaver Fountain, Sleeptalkers, Young Putin the Series, Sidekicks the Series, Venus, Please!!!, Ted Talk on Invulnerability, Fall Guys: Knocking Out the Ultimate Dream, and Funky Hell.

He frequently streams games on his Twitch channel, and has amassed over 11 thousand followers there.

As Jeff Blim's self-ascribed #1 fan and best friend, Jon frequently works on projects with him. He has created and acted in Blim's unreleased short film My Pet Brother, and co-hosts Blim's Rim Tim Timmy's Fun Time Hour.

In 2008, Jon starred as "Danny" in the short film "Smoked", directed by Bobby McGee. The film won the 2008 Kansas City Horror Short Festival. Jon has also acted in Pwn3d, Chicago Fire, Pageant, "Big Strong Man", Buzz Records, #Dontbemine, The Most Dangerous Game. In 2019, Jon starred as Macbeth in Shakespeare In The Pool's production of Macbeth. Most recently, in 2020, Jon appeared on Darren Criss and the Langs' Quibi show, Royalties, as the character Glen Henderson, alongside many other StarKids.

Fun Facts[]

  • His favorite Disney movie is The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  • His Dad was in the army.
  • On Rim Tim Timmy's Fun Time Hour, he claimed to be "6'1/2" feet tall," though on his personal site he says he’s 6’1”.
  • He can do a British accent.
  • He enjoys writing poetry, some of which can be read on his Medium account.
  • He's a dog person.
  • He shares a birthday with Disneyland and fellow StarKid Denise Donovan.
  • He has stated that Jeff and Robert are his two closest friends.
  • He is very bad at golf.
  • He likes doing yoga.

Special Skills[]

  • knowing that its INEVITABLE
  • being intimate with Emma
  • not liking the wiggly commercial
  • killing his TGWDLM audition
  • filming nightmare time with the TGWDLM stage in the back
  • murdering his wife
  • telling his daughter to shut up tiffany. shut up
  • wanting to go to venus
  • never being happy. wouldn’t that be nice? (me too)
  • wearing a tie on his head
  • Not knowing if that was a note or just a sound
  • being bullied by Robert Manion
  • playing video games
  • being bullied by Jeff Blim
  • being the sweetest human
  • checking his pulse
  • killing a mother and daughter from losing control of the speed of his bike
  • changing his name to T E E J
  • constantly being on the verge of a mental breakdown
  • being too damn cute
  • stealing my heart
  • being too soft for my heart aUgh
  • having the most beautiful voice in all the dimensions like all he sang was nevaaaaaa and it already ruined everyone’s whole career
  • vocal range!!!!
  • loving Cats (Jon Cattesoon)
  • complimenting Robert and getting insults in return
  • looking better in a blue shirt than Robert
  • saying he's going to stream again tomorrow then not streaming for a month
  • being a very nice and beautiful person
  • Calling wiggly whippersnapper
  • being that iconic extra in Santa Claus is Going to HS
  • never making the headlining entrance
  • NOT forgetting his weekly reports. if you give him til the end of the day he can find them for you, not DO them, he wouldn’t just not DO them
  • killing ethan green
  • being a little further back in line
  • being everyone’s attorney
  • being the father of some of Linda’s beautiful blond boys
  • having a greenscreen and knowing how to use it
  • creating jorf blorm
  • being a bee
  • resumes
  • getting hit right in the subpoena
  • Needing to talk about the will
  • not liking musicals
  • liking musicals...?
  • being crazy (maybe he’s always been)
  • becoming what he’s hated (or maybe he never did)
  • saying "Ok.................Ok...........................Ok...................Ok"
  • saying no even more than ok
  • wanting to go home
  • liking film but not musicals
  • talking about film at a bad time
  • not getting a video of flash mobs
  • being f*cking useless
  • Forgetting Bill's caramel frappe
  • offering Mr Davidson a nice caramel frappe, nothing better
  • not inviting Ted
  • not getting behind a trash can
  • thinking about the I M P L I C A T I O N S
  • being a timberwolf everyone hated (and hating himself)
  • Totally giving to GreenPeace. He's been getting the emails, reading all about it
  • not thinking of Emma as a villain
  • not wanting to kiss Emma after getting blood spat in his face
  • being an immortal being
  • playing baby games
  • reminiscing on his first love
  • losing when he plays among us because he says he’s the impostor
  • reading poems on stream
  • Forgetting to sign his prom date up for prom and still having a good night
  • making Michael Jackson flipping his shit in his grave
  • Doing the WAP dance
  • Speaking French?
  • Labelling bananas
  • Grabbing the wrong one
  • being a noodle
  • liking minecraft
  • Ted Talk
  • changing his last name to Perkins
  • being an eldritch being of chaos
  • joining a cult worshiping himself
  • Breaking games