Julia Marie Albain is from Cincinnati, OH. Her father referred to her having "an unbelievable need to talk". This led to her love for theatre at a very young age. In high school, she spent hours working in the theater, whether it was rehearsals or actual performances, or raising money for her schools' theater, department and building sets on the weekends. She then went on to train with local theatre artists in Cincinnati and participated in the Cincinnati Cappie Awards. She also became President of her school theatre group.

Like many other StarKids, Julia attended the University of Michigan. In addition to performing in various main stage productions and senior theses, she became a part of Basement Arts, a student-run organization, where she served on the board of directors, directed two shows, and performed in various productions.

She is also the founder of Transit-Five Productions, a small theatre company in Cincinnati.

Today, she continues to volunteer in theatre camps and supporting in the power of the arts of the youth.

She played Vincent Crabbe in both A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel, and Specs/Ensemble in Starship. She also played Vicki Vale, Evil Mother Goose, Martha Wayne, and Zatanna most recently in Holy Musical B@man!.


Julia is a talented member of Team StarKid and has only appeared in the LeakyCon 2018 tour. She deserves more appreciation.

Source: julia-albain.com/Julia_Albain/Biography

Is she...The Latte Hotte?

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