Kevin Bushwald is a secondary character in the web series "Little White Lie". He tries to join Reeses' Pieces but he is too nervous due to his crush on Sami and beause he is socially awkward. In his school days, he was bullied around by Jim and other people, he had no friends except for one girl who went to his old school.

He lives with his aunt since (according to Sami) he has no parents. No one really knew him well. Since he was too nervous during the audition for Reese's Pieces, he ran off and got hit by a car and was sent into a coma. While he is sent into a coma, Sami and Duder find out that Kevin was a very talented musician and they decide to steal his music, which they later preform as "It's Over Now". The song reveals that Kevin was probably very depressed and felt VERY lonely and making music was probably the only thing that kept him going. The song also reveals that even though Kevin was very lonely, he wanted to make the world a better place so that no one would have to feel like they are not a person. Kevin wrote a song called Sami (song) for Sami because he is in love with her, and this is when Sami realizes that Keven wrote all of these songs and would be crushed to learn that other people had been stealing it.

Kevin has a website called www.Kevin'sseceretplace.4546 in which he stored all of his music. Tanya, Sami and Duder spend all night trying to find it since they only knew that it was www.Kevin'ssecertplace and then a four digit number. On that website, not only does he have songs, he also writes blogs and surprisingly, fan fiction.

At the end of Little White Lie, Kevin awakes from his coma.