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Killer Track features in the third episode of Nightmare Time 2, and is the fifth story of the second season of the live-stream reading. It was performed on November 6, 2021 and is available via livestream ticket.


It's been spread online, at parties, in the backs if beat-up, old vans... the song... The Killer Track. Hear it, and seven days later you die. But it's just an urban legend, right? Rose is about to find out. When she's played the song by an alluring stranger, she can't escape the haunting tune. With time running out, Rose seeks help from a kindly social worker named Duke and a mysterious woman with strange powers, Miss Holloway. Her craft put to the ultimate test, can Miss Holloway save Rose and all of Hatchetfield from the Killer Track?


Cast Member Character(s)
Kim Whalen Miss Holloway
Bryce Charles Rose
Curt Mega Duke Keane
Jae Hughes Kale

Assistant Nurse 2

James Tolbert Announcer

Nurse 1 Audio Guy Technician

Joey Richter Thrash

Ted Spankoffski

Jeff Blim Skud
Corey Dorris Solomon Lauter


Lauren Lopez Courtney

Honey Seller

Jaime Lyn Beatty Beth

Sheila Young Deb

Angela Giarratana Hailey
Mariah Rose Faith Casillas (Credited as Mariah Rose Faith) Woman

Alice Woodward

Additional Crew[]

Crew Member Job
Corey Lubowich Technical support
Curt Mega Music Video Director
Matt Dahan Musical accompaniment
Nick Lang Narrator


Song Sung by
Killer Track Jeff Blim
Run Away With Me Kim Whalen
Nightmare Time Theme (Needy Beast Cover) Jeff Blim
Joey Richter


  • The synopsis for the episode was released on November 3, 2021.
  • The story features the title in a diffrent font.