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Little White Lie is a pre-Starkid webseries that was produced in 2007, that was released on the Team StarKid YouTube page in 2009, after their viral success of A Very Potter Musical. It stars Elona Finlay, Chris Allen, Darren Criss, and Lauren Lopez. Season One of the webseries ends with a huge cliffhanger, and many fans have asked about a Season Two. Sadly, the webseries was discontinued, with one of the cast members saying, "There will be no season two." after performing the theme song, Caught In The Lie, at a concert.


The series begins in a cafe in downtown Ann Arbor. Sami Reese and her brother Duder are preforming a song for customers in the cafe (Don't Play a Riff on My Heartstrings). After the number, Sami asks the listeners if there are any requests for songs. A heckler rudely shouts, "You suck!"

After realising that they are nearly out of time to sign up for the school's Battle of the bands contest they rush to the school. After getting in they realise they need help if they want to win, so they put up audition posters throughout the area.

During the auditions for Reese's Pieces nobody turns up until the very end when Kevin comes, but is too nervous to play anything, so Sami gets fed up. Kevin then runs away and Sami closes the door. Both Sami and Duder then hear a loud crash outside so they decide to open the door, only to find that Kevin had been hit by a car.

At the hospital Kevin's aunt tells them that Kevin is in a coma and invites them to her house for a meditating session. Back at their house a policeman comes over and investigates Kevin's hit and run incident.

When they arrive at Kevin's house they start to meditate with his aunt and the other guests. After a while, they begin to feel awkward, so they decide to try to find a back door, so that they can go home in secret. During their search for the back door, they stumble onto what looks like Kevin's recording studio. That's when they realise that Kevin is actually very talented at writing and performing his original music. As they leave, Sami decides to take Kevin's sheet music with them.


Actor Character
Elona Finlay Sami Reese
Chris Allen Duder Reese
Lauren Lopez Tanya Freemont
Darren Criss Toby Phillips
Nick Lang Kevin Bushwald
Brian Holden Zack
Jim Povolo Jim
Sharif Nasr The Heckler
Bill McCleer The Cop
Barbra Shaheen Amelia Bushwald
Malcolm Tulip Nigel Waters
Meredith Stepien Meredith
Leigh Woods Terry Reese
Rita Khori Alexa
Sari Brown Kevin's Friend
John Neville-Andrews Arthur Kingsley