A.J. HolmesA. J. HolmesA Man in A Hurry
A Very Potter MusicalA Very Potter Musical (album)A Very Potter Senior Year
A Very Potter SequelA Very StarKid EventAchmed
Airport for BirdsAlbus DumbledoreAlex Paul
AlfredAli GordonAlice
Alle-Faye MonkaAlmighty DuckAmerica Is Great Again
Angela GiarratanaAni: A ParodyArielle Goldman
BasiliskBatmanBeauty (Reprise)
Becky BarnesBig TallyWackerBill
Black FridayBlack Friday (song)Blimception
Bonnie GruesenBoy ToyBrain leech
Brant CoxBrian HoldenBrian Rosenthal
Britney ColemanBugBug World
BugetteCalender ManCalifor.M.I.A
CandyCaught In The LieCedric Diggory
CharlotteCho ChangChorn
Chris AllenClark BaxtresserCletus Jones
Commander UpCommissioner GordonCorey Dorris
Corey LubowichCup of Poisoned CoffeeCup of Roasted Coffee
Curt MegaDark, Sad, Lonely, KnightDarren Criss
Daughter (The Trail to Oregon!)Days of SummerDeb
DeleteDenise DonavanDenise Donovan
Devin LytleDianeDick
Different As Can BeDobbyDolores Umbridge
Draco MalfoyDuckerDuder
Duder's A SpyDuder ReeseDylan Saunders
Elona FinlayEmberlyEmma Perkins
Eric Kahn GaleEthan GreenEven Though
Everything and MoreEvil King ArthurFarm Planet
Father (The Trail to Oregon!)FebruaryFire
FirebringerFlopsyFrank Pricely
Future ProductionsG.L.E.E.Gaston
General McNamaraGet Back UpGilderoy Lockhart
Ginny WeasleyGone to OregonGotta Get Back to Hogwarts
Grandpa (The Trail to Oregon!)Granger DangerGreen Arrow
GruntGuys Like PotterHannah Foster
HarryHarry Freakin' PotterHarry Potter
Hatchetfield BeeHatchetfield UniverseHermione Granger
Hideous CreaturesHoly Musical B@man!Holy Musical B@man! (album)
Holy Musical B@man! (song)Holy Musical B@man! QuotesHot Chocolate Boy
I'm Just a SidekickI Still ThinkI Wanna Be
InevitableIt's Over NowJa'far
Jaime Lyn BeattyJames TolbertJamie Burns
Jeff BlimJemillaJim Povolo
Joe MosesJoe WalkerJoey Richter
Joey Richter (character)Join Us (And Die)Jon Matteson
Julia AlbainJune SaitoJunior
KeeriKendall Nicole YaksheKevin
Kick It Up a NotchKim WhalenKrayonder
La Dee Dah Dah DayLauren LopezLauren Walker
Let Him ComeLet It OutLex Foster
LifeLily MarksLinda Monroe
List of Very Potter CouplesLittle White LieLucius Malfoy
MaleficentMariah Rose FaithMary Kate Wiles
Matt LangMcDoon/Everyone ElseMe and My Dick
Me and My Dick (Song)Mega-GirlMeredith Stepien
MolagMolly WeasleyMonkey
Monsters and Men (song)Mother (The Trail to Oregon!)Mr. Davidson
NYXANeanderthal TribeNerdy Prudes Must Die
Nicholas Joseph Strauss-MatathiaNick GageNick Lang
Nico AgerNot Over YetNot Your Seed
Other groupsOur Doors Are OpenOverqueen
Pat BradyPaulPaul Gabriel
PigfartsPigfarts, Pigfarts Here I Come....Pincer
Poison IvyPresident Howard GoodmanPrince Achmed
Professor HidgensRachael SoglinReady To Go
Remus LupinRichard CampbellRick's Dick
RoachRobert ManionRobin
Robin Sucks!Rogues Are WeRon Weasley
Rubeus HagridSamSame Old Situation
Sami (song)Sami ReeseSango Tajima
Santa ClausSchwoopsieSeverus Snape
Sherman YoungShow Me Your HandsShow Stoppin Number
Show Stopping NumberShwoopsieSmelly-Balls
Smoke club girlSnarlSon
Son (The Trail to Oregon!)SpecsStarship
Starship (Original Soundtrack)Starship 15A2Starship Ranger Corp
Status QuoSuper FriendsSuperman
Sweet ToothSweetheart MosquitoTanya
TazTeam StarKidTeam StarKid Wiki
Team Starkid VideosTedThat's What I Call StarKid! Volume 2
The American WayThe Coolest GirlThe Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals
The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals (Song)The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals (Soundtrack)The Hot Chocolate Kid
The Smoke ClubThe Space TourThe Trail to Oregon!
The Wizard of OzTiblynTiffany Williams
Tim HoustonTo Be a ManTo Dance Again
Tom HoustonTootsie NoodlesTwisted
Twisted: An Untold Story of a Royal VizierTwisted: The Untold Story of a Royal VizierTyler Brunsman
Uncle WileyVeeto MosquitoVoldemort
Voldemort Is Going DownWhat Do You Want, Paul?What Tim Wants
What do you sayWhen You Have To Go All The Way HomeWiggly
Wiggly JingleXander LeeYou Tied up My Heart
You Were Working As A Waitress In A Cocktail Bar (Full Lyrics)ZackZazzalil
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