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Beauty (Reprise)Big TallyWackerBlack Friday
BlimceptionBonnie GruesenBoy Toy
Brain leechBrant CoxBrian Holden
Brian RosenthalBritney ColemanBug
Bug WorldBugetteCandy
Caught In The LieCedric DiggoryCho Chang
ChornChris AllenClark Baxtresser
Commander UpCorey DorrisCorey Lubowich
Cup of Poisoned CoffeeCup of Roasted CoffeeCurt Mega
Dark, Sad, Lonely, KnightDarren CrissDaughter (The Trail to Oregon!)
Days of SummerDeleteDenise Donavan
Denise DonovanDevin LytleDick
Different As Can BeDobbyDolores Umbridge
Draco MalfoyDuckerDuder's A Spy
Duder ReeseDylan SaundersEmberly
Emma PerkinsEven ThoughEverything and More
Farm PlanetFather (The Trail to Oregon!)February
Future ProductionsG.L.E.E.Gaston
Get Back UpGinny WeasleyGone to Oregon
Gotta Get Back to HogwartsGrandpa (The Trail to Oregon!)Granger Danger
GruntGuys Like PotterHarry
Harry Freakin' PotterHarry PotterHermione Granger
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Holy Musical B@man! (song)Holy Musical B@man! QuotesHot Chocolate Boy
I'm Just a SidekickI Still ThinkI Wanna Be
InevitableIt's Over NowJa'far
Jaime Lyn BeattyJeff BlimJemilla
Jim PovoloJoe MosesJoe Walker
Joey RichterJoey Richter (character)Join Us (And Die)
Jon MattesonJulia AlbainJune Saito
JuniorKevinKick It Up a Notch
KrayonderLa Dee Dah Dah DayLauren Lopez
Let Him ComeLet It OutLife
Lily MarksList of Very Potter CouplesLittle White Lie
Lucius MalfoyMaleficentMariah Rose Faith
Matt LangMe and My DickMe and My Dick (Song)
Mega-GirlMeredith StepienMolly Weasley
MonkeyMother (The Trail to Oregon!)NYXA
Neanderthal TribeNicholas Joseph Strauss-MatathiaNick Gage
Nick LangNot Over YetNot Your Seed
OverqueenPigfartsPigfarts, Pigfarts Here I Come....
PincerPoison IvyPrince Achmed
Professor HidgensRachael SoglinReady To Go
Remus LupinRichard CampbellRick's Dick
RoachRobert ManionRobin
Robin Sucks!Rogues Are WeRon Weasley
Rubeus HagridSame Old SituationSami (song)
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Show Me Your HandsShow Stoppin NumberShow Stopping Number
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