A.J. HolmesA. J. HolmesA Very Potter Musical
A Very Potter Musical (album)A Very Potter Senior YearA Very Potter Sequel
A Very StarKid EventAchmedAlbus Dumbledore
Ali GordonAlmighty DuckAmerica Is Great Again
Ani: A ParodyArielle GoldmanBasilisk
BatmanBeauty (Reprise)Big TallyWacker
Black FridayBlimceptionBonnie Gruesen
Boy ToyBrain leechBrant Cox
Brian HoldenBrian RosenthalBritney Coleman
BugBug WorldBugette
CandyCaught In The LieCedric Diggory
CharlotteCho ChangChorn
Chris AllenClark BaxtresserCommander Up
Corey DorrisCorey LubowichCup of Poisoned Coffee
Cup of Roasted CoffeeCurt MegaDark, Sad, Lonely, Knight
Darren CrissDaughter (The Trail to Oregon!)Days of Summer
DeleteDenise DonavanDenise Donovan
Devin LytleDickDifferent As Can Be
DobbyDolores UmbridgeDraco Malfoy
DuckerDuderDuder's A Spy
Duder ReeseDylan SaundersEmberly
Emma PerkinsEven ThoughEverything and More
Farm PlanetFather (The Trail to Oregon!)February
Future ProductionsG.L.E.E.Gaston
Get Back UpGilderoy LockhartGinny Weasley
Gone to OregonGotta Get Back to HogwartsGrandpa (The Trail to Oregon!)
Granger DangerGruntGuys Like Potter
HarryHarry Freakin' PotterHarry Potter
Hermione GrangerHideous CreaturesHoly Musical B@man!
Holy Musical B@man! (album)Holy Musical B@man! (song)Holy Musical B@man! Quotes
Hot Chocolate BoyI'm Just a SidekickI Still Think
I Wanna BeInevitableIt's Over Now
Ja'farJaime Lyn BeattyJeff Blim
JemillaJim PovoloJoe Moses
Joe WalkerJoey RichterJoey Richter (character)
Join Us (And Die)Jon MattesonJulia Albain
June SaitoJuniorKeeri
KevinKick It Up a NotchKim Whalen
KrayonderLa Dee Dah Dah DayLauren Lopez
Let Him ComeLet It OutLife
Lily MarksList of Very Potter CouplesLittle White Lie
Lucius MalfoyMaleficentMariah Rose Faith
Matt LangMcDoon/Everyone ElseMe and My Dick
Me and My Dick (Song)Mega-GirlMeredith Stepien
MolagMolly WeasleyMonkey
Mother (The Trail to Oregon!)NYXANeanderthal Tribe
Nicholas Joseph Strauss-MatathiaNick GageNick Lang
Not Over YetNot Your SeedOverqueen
PaulPaul GabrielPigfarts
Pigfarts, Pigfarts Here I Come....PincerPoison Ivy
Prince AchmedProfessor HidgensRachael Soglin
Ready To GoRemus LupinRichard Campbell
Rick's DickRoachRobert Manion
RobinRobin Sucks!Rogues Are We
Ron WeasleyRubeus HagridSame Old Situation
Sami (song)Sami ReeseSchwoopsie
Severus SnapeShow Me Your HandsShow Stoppin Number
Show Stopping NumberShwoopsieSon (The Trail to Oregon!)
SpecsStarshipStarship (Original Soundtrack)
Starship 15A2Starship Ranger CorpStatus Quo
SupermanSweet ToothSweetheart Mosquito
TanyaTazTeam StarKid
Team StarKid WikiTeam Starkid VideosThat's What I Call StarKid! Volume 2
The American WayThe Coolest GirlThe Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals
The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals (Song)The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals (Soundtrack)The Hot Chocolate Kid
The Smoke ClubThe Space TourThe Trail to Oregon!
The Wizard of OzTiblynTiffany Williams
To Be a ManTo Dance AgainTootsie Noodles
TwistedTwisted: An Untold Story of a Royal VizierTwisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier
Tyler BrunsmanVeeto MosquitoVoldemort
Voldemort Is Going DownWhat Do You Want, Paul?When You Have To Go All The Way Home
You Tied up My HeartYou Were Working As A Waitress In A Cocktail Bar (Full Lyrics)Zack
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