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Meredith Stepien is an American singer and actress, as well as one of the members of Team Starkid.

Early Life[]

Growing up, Meredith had a weird fascination with Beethoven, and saw Lord of the Rings around nine times in theaters. She even says she dated her first boyfriend because he looked like Samwise Gamgee from Lord of the Rings.

Meredith describes themself in high school as a nerd with glasses, braces, and a mustache. They attended Pinckney High School in Pinckney, Michigan. Meredith was also involved in Twin Masks Youth Theatre during their high school years. She graduated college in 2009 from the University of Michigan.

They have a brother named David, to whom they appear (according to her Twitter) to be very close. According to her, he is the one who taught her to be funny.


Meredith has been a part of Team StarKid since their beginning production of Little White Lie, where she played Meredith, the drummer (and lead singer when Tanya was kicked out) for the Hot Girls.

Stepien was included in the SPACE tour and the Apocalyptour. They played the part of Ultrabeam Megagirl in Starship. They played many various roles in Holy Musical B@man, including Dr. Chase Meridian, The Riddler, T.G.I. Fridays Worker, Rachel Dawes, Hostage, The Earth, and Wonder Woman. They replaced Bonnie Socha as Hermione in A Very Potter Senior Year. They played percussion and did backing vocals in the band for Ani, as well as playing a few minor roles, such as Oola. She also played Sherrezade (and other ensemble parts) in Twisted. They co-wrote the music in Firebringer, and played one of the leads, Jemilla. Meredith was also in StarKid Homecoming, most prominently featured in the Firebringer and Ani medleys, as well as the number "The Coolest Girl." In 2020, she played Jacob Marley in A VHS Christmas Carol, after a four-year absence from StarKid shows (due to being located in Chicago, and not Los Angeles).

Additional Work and Information[]

Meredith now lives in Chicago, where they work as part of the creative team for the Adler Planetarium. Additionally, she often performs stand-up comedy for different clubs and bars throughout the Chicago area. You can check out some of their stand-up here.

She came out as bisexual on an Instagram story in 2018, and started using she/they pronouns in 2020.

Meredith is also part of the band Jim and the Povolos, where she sings and plays the bongos. The band was said to have started out on the floor in her apartment as they all made hot dogs. She wrote the song "The Holiday Club" with her friend Denise Donovan (who wrote all the silly lyrics, they said), another StarKid. Meredith is also usually hungry.

They married Brian Holden on August 10th, 2019.

Special Skills[]

• Every

• Single

• Thing

Said thing include, but not limited to:

  • Being herself.
  • Singing.
  • Acting.
  • Being the sweetest creature thw world have ever seen
  • Being the queen of comedy
  • Being everyone's favourite youtuber
  • Being the one of most underrated Starkids (seriously, this is driving me crazy!)
  • Playing a bloodthirsty, farmer-loving, robot.
  • Creating puzzles that will put you to tears.
  • Working at T.G.I Fridays by offering lukewarm service and a forced fun atmosphere.
  • "Seducing" Gilderoy Lockhart and writing fanfiction.
  • Being one hell of a storyteller for the Magic Kingdom.
  • Being a slave dancer at pretty much all the Yavins for like, I don't know like, 13 years now.
  • Being everyone's wife/tribe leader.
  • Playing the ghost of Jacob Marley.
  • Being Brian's wife.
  • Being a biconic queen.
  • Being a non-binary queen
  • Being a queen in general.
  • Being a percussion legend
  • Not being a puny human *sarcastic robot mimicking puny human munching noises professionally*
  • Having a new wife now
  • writing a song about squirrels
  • Knowing a thousand tales to fill a thousand nights
  • Looking good from every angle, her design is mathematically perfect and symmetrical
  • Having a story that never ends
  • Knowing how much she cares