Nyxa, best known for sneaking into the Starkids' game of Quiplash during the A Very Potter Golden Birthday livestream. She is an artist and can usually be found drawing, scrolling Tumblr, sleeping, or rewatching musicals.

Accomplishments Edit

- Winning third place in the Quiplash game during the AVPGB livestream

- Starting a Starkid/TCB/Shipwrecked Discord server called Starcan Comedy.

- Co-writing a Firebringer fanfiction of Jemilla and Zazzalil (Jazzalil) with j0ell0, called Something Unexpected.

- Being mentioned in like every livestream following the AVPGB stream

Social Media Edit

Art Tumblr - Silvernyxa

Starkid Art Tumblr - Starkid-Daily

Twitter - Silvernyxa

Instagram - Silvernyxa

AO3 - Silvernyxa

YouTube - Silvernyxa

Redbubble - Silvernyxa