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Nerdy Prudes Must Die is the upcoming thirteenth original online musical from Team StarKid. It will be the fifth installment in the Hatchetfield Universe, preceded by the releases of The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals, Black Friday, Nightmare Time and Nightmare Time 2. It is currently unclear where the show will lie chronologically within the universe.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is uncertain as to when the show will be performed. It has been delayed from the Fall of 2020 until a later date.

Known Information[]

The script for Nerdy Prudes Must Die is in constant flux as a result of the introduction of the Nightmare Time live readings introducing more information into the Hatchetfield universe. If the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the show may eventually become obsolete due to the aging of Kendall Nicole in her role of Hannah Foster as well as the information being released in Nightmare Time, meaning the information revealed in Nerdy Prudes won't be relevant.

While it was initially speculated that the Nibblenephim doll revealed in Nightmare Time was the villain of the show, this was confirmed to be untrue by Nick Lang[1].

During the VIP Talkback after Nightmare Time Season 2, Episode 2, Nick Lang said that the main trio of Abstinence Camp were originally intended to be the main characters of Nerdy Prudes: Grace Chasity, Stephanie Lauter, and Pete Spankoffski. He also said that the story will be set primarily at Hatchetfield High School.


Although nothing has yet been confirmed, many are speculating as to what the show may entail, trying to predict things such as what characters will appear or reappear, who the primary villain will be, and such similar ideas. Unless stated otherwise, the ideas written below are pure supposition on the fans' part, and although fans have their own individual theories, many agree on certain theories and ideas.


In this show, it is likely that the town of Hatchetfield will be under some kind of paranormal threat. Fans have noticed that two of P.E.I.P.'s initials connect to the other Hatchetfield musicals, with 'Extraterrestrial' linking to TGWDLM (the meteor crash and subsequent alien infection), and 'Interdimensional' linking to Black Friday (other dimensions are frequently brought up, and the Black and White, an area between dimensions, is visited), meaning that it is highly likely that NPMD will feature a 'Paranormal' storyline. Although the nature of this storyline is debated, it is interesting to note that the characters from TGWDLM who reappear in What If Tomorrow Comes in Black Friday are referred to as the 'ghosts of Hatchetfield'. Furthermore, Jane Perkins's fatal car accident is brought up in both shows, and is shown to have a profound effect on her sister Emma Perkins and Jane's husband Tom Houston, characters who feature heavily in TGWDLM and Black Friday respectively, and therefore some believe that it is possible Jane may return as a ghost or some other undead entity.

Others have speculated that C.C.R.P will be the villain of Nerdy Prudes due to their villainous nature being revealed in Nightmare Time Episode 2.

It is also likely that P.E.I.P. will return in some sort of way in order to combat whatever is threatening Hatchetfield. Although in TGWDLM the organization does not feature too heavily, they are of greater importance to the narrative in Black Friday. If this trend continues, it opens up the possibility of Nerdy Prudes Must Die being a musical focusing on the group itself. This is mere speculation, but it is almost certain that P.E.I.P. will make some sort of appearance or feature.


When the show's title was announced, many immediately connected the phrase 'nerdy prude' to that of Grace Chasity, who was referred to as such by Alice in an unseen conversation with her father, Bill. Although not much is known about this character, it is known that she is a resident of Hatchetfield, attends Hatchetfield High, is nice to Bill at church, babysits Tim Houston, and was out of town for the events of Black Friday. Before NPMD was announced, it was theorized that she was the nameless Hatchetfield Bee, but it has been confirmed that they are different people. Although it has not been confirmed that Grace will even feature in NPMD, many already believe that she will star as the main character, seeing as the show's very title appears to be a direct reference to her, and she has been mentioned repeatedly.

Another character that people are considering could be the main character of this show is Hot Chocolate Boy. A fan-favorite, he features in both TGWDLM and Black Friday (Note that he was originally supposed to feature more heavily in the latter, but was unable to due to Robert Manion being cast as Ethan Green, making certain character interactions between the two realistically impossible), and it has been confirmed that he will have a larger part to play in an upcoming Hatchetfield production. Furthermore, despite his real name accidentally being leaked at a performance of Black Friday, it is still unknown by many, as Nick Lang has asked for those who know to keep it a secret. With all of this mystery surrounding the character's identity, as well as the promises of bigger things to come, it has led many to believe that Hot Chocolate Boy will feature heavily in NPMD.

General John McNamara is also another character that many believe will have a starring role in NPMD. Similarly to P.E.I.P., between the three prior Hatchetfield shows (aside from Nightmare Time) he has progressively become more important to the storyline, and so it is often theorized that he will end up making a prominent appearance. After part of a speech wherein McNamara talks about his husband was cut for time, Nick Lang has expressed that he would like to include more of McNamara's backstory in future projects. This implies that this speech could surface in NPMD, possibly alongside the husband himself. As for the husband's identity, it has been theorized that his husband could be Xander Lee or Wilbur Cross/Uncle Wiley.

Nick Lang has also said that Lex and Hannah Foster are to make an appearance in a future Hatchetfield project, wherein their powers are explored, as well as potentially their parentage. As their mother's identity (Pamela Foster) was revealed in Nightmare Time (Episode 3: The Witch in the Web), many are growing curious about their paternal line, questioning as to whether they have the same father, and who he may be. In Black Friday it is implied that the sisters only live with their mother, their father never being mentioned, and so it is possible that they never knew him and/or took their mother's surname. As a result, fans have speculated about their fathers' identity, and it is possible that this too will be explored in Nerdy Prudes.