Nick Lang is one of the many members of Team Starkid. He is best known for his roles of Robin in Holy Musical B@man! and Kevin Bushwald in Little White Lie. He was also Barack Obama and a mobster in Holy Musical B@man!, Arthur Weasley, Sorty, Scarfy and Peter Pettigrew in A Very Potter Sequel, the Caller Bug and Mister Bug in Starship. Along with his brother Matt, Nick has directed all of the productions the team has done and co-written them as well (with other members of the team).

Despite his excellent actually acting skills, it is a well known fact that Nick is not a spectacular singer. In fact in Little White Lie when a recording is played of his character Kevin singing it is a recording of co-star Darren Criss sped up.

His lack of singing ability does not affect the fact that he is amazing and incredibly talented. As well as starring in three of Starkids productions he has also helped to write all of their productions, proving that singing ability is not everything in Team Starkid.