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Nick Lang is an American writer, director, singer, actor and one of the four founding members of Team StarKid. Alongside his brother Matt Lang, Nick is one of the primary writers for all the StarKid shows.

Nick has written all twelve of the Starkid shows and two national tours. He has also featured as an actor in five StarKid shows, two web series and two reunion concerts.

Nick and his brother Matt co-wrote the Quibi series Royalties, which was created by fellow StarKid founder Darren Criss.

Early Life and Education[]

Nick was born on January 29, 1986. When he was one, his brother Matt Lang was born. The two grew up together, often creating stories. Nick later attended University of Michigan, where he graduated in 2008.


Nick met the members of StarKid while collaborating, the university's student-run theatre organization. Their first play was based on The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, where he played Gollum. The show succeeded in developing a working relationship among the StarKids-to-be. At that point, there was no concept that they were in some sort of troupe — they were just friends with each other in the School of Music, Theatre & Dance. In 2007, Nick and his brother wrote the web series Little White Lie, which Nick later featured in as the character Kevin Bushwald.

Following graduating from the University of Michigan, Nick co-wrote, A Very Potter Musical (then known as Harry Potter the Musical) with his brother Matt. The production sold out all four of its performances at UMich. A recorded version of the show that was posted on YouTube for family members to watch went viral and StarKid Productions was founded by Nick, Darren Criss, Matt Lang and Brian Holden.

Since then Nick has collaborated in the writing of twelve StarKid shows, acted as director for six, as well as writing both the SPACE Tour and Apocalyptour.

Personal Life[]

Nick and his brother Matt have a cat named Valentine. He previously lived in Los Angeles with his roommates, fellow StarKids Robert Manion and Jon Matteson. Following the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, Nick remained in Wichita, Kansas, where he had been staying with his brother Matt as the two had been writing. Nick later bought a house in Kansas with Matt and Matt's girlfriend Rusty. Jeff Blim later moved in with them to work on Nightmare Time 2. He currently resides in Los Angeles with Jon and Robert again.


Year Production Company Creative Role Acting Role
2007 Little White Lie Starkid Productions Writer Kevin Bushwald
2009 A Very Potter Musical Starkid Productions Writer
2009 Me and My Dick Starkid Productions Writer
2010 A Very Potter Sequel Starkid Productions Writer Arthur Weasley




Mama Umbridge

2011 Starship Starkid Productions Writer

Puppet Designer

Mister Bug

The Caller Bug

Pincer's Right Claw

2012 Holy Musical B@man! Starkid Productions Writer





2013 A Very Potter Senior Year Starkid Productions Writer




Arthur Weasley

2013 Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier Starkid Productions Writer
2014 Ani: A Parody Starkid Productions Writer Emperor "Pappy" Palpatine

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Bib Fortuna

2014 The Trail to Oregon! Starkid Productions Writer

Costume Designer


2016 Firebringer Starkid Productions Writer


2018 The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals Starkid Productions Writer


Emma Perkins (temporarily)
2019 Black Friday Starkid Productions Writer


Costume Designer

2019 Royalties Quibi Writer
2020 Nightmare Time Starkid Productions Writer




Employee 2


  • In Little White Lie, when a recording is played of his character Kevin singing, it is a recording of co-star Darren Criss' voice sped up.
  • Nick has stated that whenever he plays a character in a show, it's usually out of necessity - with exception to ANI. He specifically wanted to play the role Obi-Wan (and did a fantastic job).
  • Nick's favorite director is Sam Raimi, whose Spider-Man films he views as the best iteration of the character. He has since referenced Raimi's rules of horror as part of his inspiration for the Hatchetfield Series, these rules were later directly referenced by the Judge in the Nightmare Time story The Witch in the Web.