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Nightmare Time 2 is a second season in the series of livestreamed readings set within the Hatchetfield Universe written by Nick and Matt Lang with music and lyrics by Jeff Blim.[1] The series was the third instalment in the Hatchetfield Series and featured the cast of the first season excluding Kendall Nicole and Robert Manion. The cast were also joined by Bryce Charles and Jae Hughes. The series consisted of six stories spread across four episodes, and premiered weekly over four weeks from October 23 to November 13, 2021. The series then premiered on YouTube weekly from May 20 to June 3, 2021.


No. Stories Songs Original release date
1 Honey Queen Nightmare Time 2 Theme Pt 1 October 23, 2021
Honey Queen
Latte Hatte
Queen B
The Nibbly Ditty
It’s that time of year again… time for the Hatchetfield Honey Festival! And, of course, the whole town is wondering, “Who will be crowned this year’s Honey Queen?” When upper-crust socialite Linda Monroe sets her sights on the crown, she makes an enemy of cutthroat barista Zoey Chambers. Soon, what’s meant to be a pleasant pageant becomes a bloody nightmare as the two bitter rivals lie, cheat, steal, and kill their way to the top. It’s a battle to the death for the coveted throne of the Honey Queen.
2 Perky's Buds Nightmare Time 2 Theme Pt 2 October 30, 2021
Perky's Buds
Abstinence Camp Axe Man
Virginity Rocks
It’s finally happened. Emma Perkins has her pot farm… and it’s glorious. The only problem? Those checkered-tail nighthawks that keep eating her weed! As the Hatchetfield Honey Festival approaches, Emma and her farmhand/graphic designer, Ziggs, fight to protect Perky’s Buds from malevolent forces who’ll stop at nothing to destroy the farm… or claim it for their own.
Some kids dread it. Others look forward to it all year. That’s right… Abstinence Camp. Where Hatchetfield’s youth are sent to “Just. Say. No!” When nerdy prude Grace Chasity inadvertently starts a rumor about cool & popular Stephanie Lauter, the two find themselves stuck together for the summer. Along with a cast of kooky counselors and fellow campers, they discover the terrible secret of these woods. That something… or someone watches over them. Someone who punishes those that do not abstain. Someone who lumbers. Someone… with an axe!
3 Daddy Nightmare Time 2 Theme Pt 3 November 6, 2021
Young At Heart
Killer Track Killer Track
Run Away With Me
Nightmare Time (Needy Beast Cover)
Frank Pricely is a down-on-his luck toy store owner. As his business is slowly crushed by giant, online retailers, Frank struggles to make ends meet. His only loyal customer is a spoiled-rotten man-child named Sherman Young. When Frank hits it off with Sherman’s rich, widowed mother (Sheila), he sees a golden opportunity to save Toy Zone… by marrying Sheila and becoming Sherman’s Daddy! But Frank soon discovers there’s more to the Youngs than meets the eye, and that being the daddy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
It’s been spread online, at parties, in the backs of beat-up, old vans… the song… The Killer Track. Hear it, and seven days later you die. But it’s just an urban legend, right? Rose is about to find out. When she’s played the song by an alluring stranger, she can’t escape the haunting tune. With time running out, Rose seeks help from a kindly social worker named Duke and a mysterious woman with strange powers, Miss Holloway. Her craft put to the ultimate test, can Miss Holloway save Rose (and all of Hatchetfield) from the Killer Track?
4. Yellow Jacket Nightmare Time 2 Theme Pt 4 November 13, 2021
Yellow Jacket
Use It or Lose It
Next Time


Following the success of the first season, Nightmare Time 2 was first teased by Nick Lang in the Nightmare Time Talkback Stream[2] and later confirmed to be happening by Nick Lang in an interview with Julia Delbel.[3] The series was teased to be in development in a tweet by Robert Manion on August 18, 2021[4] which was later followed up by several tweets by Mariah Rose Faith Casillas confirming that fans would be happy with the season[5] and that she had been dropping hints for it's storylines.[6]

To tease the beginning of the second season of Nightmare Time, Starkid initially posted an image on their Instagram showing the letter N on September 20. The next day they posted another this time showing a letter T. Over the space of the next week the Hatchetfield actors, writers and creatives posted a new letter in the puzzle. The letters eventually spelled out the six story titles.


The series was announced via a YouTube trailer on October 8, 2021.[7] Prior to an episode's release a synopsis and main cast list was released on Team StarKid's Instagram. The episodes premiered weekly between October 23 and November 13, 2021 and were available via livestream ticket with digital tickets being released the following Monday. The episodes were then released weekly on YouTube between May 20 and June 10, 2022.

Episode Stories Date livestreamed YouTube release
1 Honey Queen October 23, 2021 May 20, 2022
2 Perky's Buds October 30, 2021 May 27, 2022
Abstinence Camp
3 Daddy November 6, 2021 June 3, 2022
Killer Track
4 Yellow Jacket November 13, 2021 June 10, 2022


See also Hatchetfield Characters

Cast Member Production Character
Angela Giarratana Episode 1 Honey Queen Hailey
Martha Wright
Episode 2 Perky's Buds Grace Chasity
Abstinence Camp
Episode 3 Daddy Lex Foster
Killer Track Hailey
Episode 4 Yellow Jacket Lex Foster
Bryce Charles Episode 1 Honey Queen Judith
Volunteer 2
Episode 2 Abstinence Camp Counselor 1
Camper 1
Episode 3 Killer Track Rose
Episode 4 Yellow Jacket Sophia
Corey Dorris Episode 1 Honey Queen Seaton Monroe
Man in Seat
Episode 2 Abstinence Camp Solomon Lauter
Episode 3 Daddy Frank Pricely
Killer Track Solomon Lauter
Episode 4 Yellow Jacket Frank Pricely
Curt Mega Episode 1 Honey Queen Jordan Monroe
Zach Chambers
Liz's Husband
Eddie Chiplucky
Curt's Sniggle
Episode 3 Killer Track Duke Keane
Episode 4 Yellow Jacket Eddie Chiplucky
Dylan Saunders Episode 1 Honey Queen Gerald Monroe
Episode 2 Perky's Buds Bob Metzger
Episode 4 Yellow Jacket Tom Houston
Jae Hughes Episode 1 Honey Queen Clerk
Episode 2 Perky's Buds Ziggs
Episode 3 Killer Track Kale
Episode 4 Yellow Jacket Ensemble
Jaime Lyn Beatty Episode 1 Honey Queen Mima Chambers
Episode 3 Daddy Sherman Young
Sheila Young
Killer Track Sheila Young
Episode 4 Yellow Jacket Sherman Young
Test Taker
James Tolbert Episode 1 Honey Queen River Monroe
Episode 2 Perky's Buds Lars Metzger
Nighthawk 3
Abstinence Camp Noah
Episode 3 Killer Track Ensemble
Episode 4 Yellow Jacket Charles
Kid 3
Jeff Blim Episode 1 Honey Queen Sam Sweetly
Trent Monroe
Sea Captain
Episode 2 Perky's Buds Gabe
Abstinence Camp
Episode 3 Daddy Barry Swift
Killer Track Skud
Episode 4 Yellow Jacket General John MacNamara
Joey Richter Episode 1 Honey Queen Dan Reynolds
Homeless Man
Obnoxious Teen
Episode 2 Perky's Buds Ezekiel
Abstinence Camp Ted Spankoffski
Episode 3 Daddy Vet
Ted Spankoffski
Killer Track Thrash
Ted Spankoffski
Episode 4 Yellow Jacket Ethan Green
Brad Callahan
Jon Matteson Episode 1 Honey Queen Roman Murray
Paul Matthews
Episode 2 Perky's Buds Carl Metzger
Nighthawk 2
Abstinence Camp Boy Jerry
Episode 4 Yellow Jacket Daniel
Kim Whalen Episode 1 Honey Queen Liz Cunningham
Volunteer 1
Episode 2 Abstinence Camp Girl Jeri
Episode 3 Daddy Miss Holloway
Becky Barnes
Killer Track Miss Holloway
Episode 4 Yellow Jacket Becky Barnes
Lauren Lopez Episode 1 Honey Queen Linda Monroe
Episode 2 Perky's Buds Emma Perkins
Abstinence Camp Mary
Episode 3 Killer Track Courtney
Honey Seller
Episode 4 Yellow Jacket Hannah Foster
Mariah Rose Faith Casillas (Credited as Mariah Rose Faith) Episode 1 Honey Queen Zoey Chambers
Episode 2 Abstinence Camp Stephanie Lauter
Episode 3 Killer Track Alice Woodward
Episode 4 Yellow Jacket Webby
Stephanie Lauter
Nick Lang Episode 1 Honey Queen Professor Hidgens
Episode 2 Perky's Buds Louie Metzger
Abstinence Camp Pete Spankoffski

(*) Bold names denote the actor's Starkid debut

Creative Team[]

Crew Member Job
Nick Lang Writer
Matt Lang Writer
Curt Mega Music Video Director
Lauren Lopez Music Video Director
Dylan Saunders Music Video Director
Shashona Brooks Music Video Director
Jaime Lyn Beatty Music Video Director
Jae Hughes Music Video Director
Joey Richter Music Video Director
Jeff Blim Composer
Matt Dahan Musical Director
Paul Gabriel Production Manager
Corey Lubowich Producer Music Video Director
Brian Holden Producer


18 songs featured in the second season of the Nightmare Time readings. They were written by Jeff Blim. An EP was released alongside each episode.

Story Song(s) Sung by
Episode 1 Nightmare Time 2 Theme Pt 1 Nightmare Time 2 Cast
Honey Queen Honey Queen Jeff Blim
Latte Hatte Mariah Rose Faith Casillas
Queen B Lauren Lopez
The Nibbly Ditty James Tolbert
Curt Mega
Dylan Saunders
Episode 2 Nightmare Time 2 Theme Pt 2 Nightmare Time 2 Cast
Perky's Buds Perky's Buds Joey Richter
Jae Hughes
Abstinence Camp Axe Man Corey Dorris
Bryce Charles
Virginity Rocks Jon Matteson
Kim Whalen
Episode 3 Nightmare Time 2 Theme Pt 3 Nightmare Time 2 Cast
Daddy Young At Heart Jeff Blim
Killer Track Killer Track Jeff Blim
Run Away With Me Kim Whalen
Nightmare Time Theme (Needy Beast Cover) Joey Richter
Bryce Charles
Jeff Blim
Episode 4 Nightmare Time 2 Theme Pt 4 Nightmare Time 2 Cast
Yellow Jacket Yellow Jacket (song) Angela Giarratana
Use It or Lose It Jaime Lyn Beatty
Next Time Nightmare Time 2 Cast


Robert Manion was initially due to appear in the series featuring as characters such as Professor Hidgens. However, on September 23, 2021, Robert posted an Instagram story admitting to sexually harassing his colleague via unsolicited messages and sexual remarks, leading to major backlash from the fandom. Following this, StarKid posted an announcement on their social platforms on October 6, 2021 announcing that after consulting with a HR professional Robert would no longer be appearing in Nightmare Time 2 and that Robert would have to take additional action to rebuild the trust with his StarKid collaborators before appearing in future projects.

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