Lucious Malfoy and the death eaters gather after being defeated.They are on the run from the wizard cops. They plot to travel back in time to prevent Harry Potter from killing Lord Voldemort.Edit


LuciusI know it seems impossible.

We've been thrown off our track.

But if we can't move forward

Why shouldn't we move back?

Friends and companions of evil and sin

Think not of loss, but a new way to win

For what is present without a beginning to start it all?

Yaxley(Spoken): Go on...

Lucius: There is a boy that everyone knows

The plan is simple: I propose that

We choke the weed before it grows up

And ends it all

Do you follow me?

Death Eater: (Spoken): No.

Lucius: The Dark Lord would have survived had they never met

Death Eater: (Spoken) So you're saying he wouldn't be destroyed?

Lucius: He'd be alive. What don't you get?

Death Eater: (Spoken): Still not understanding...

Lucius: With Potter gone the future will be set! 

So it's not over yet!

Chorus: Evil plans

What a brilliant evil plan

Malfoy you're an evil man

We love making evil plans


Chorus: Our history is nothing more

Than what the losers settle for

Lucius: So look alive and don't forget

That it's not over

Chorus: It's not over

No, it's not over yet