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This page is about other groups and YouTube channels Starkid members have collaborated with or branched out into.

Notable Outside Groups[]

Tin Can Brothers[]

This group has a wikia of its own: Tin Can Brothers Wiki.

Tin Can Brothers is a media production company made up and created by Joey Richter, Corey Lubowich and Brian Rosenthal. Their works span many mediums including theatre, films, web series' and more.

The Tin Can Brothers works include four live stage shows: Spies Are Forever, The Solve It Squad! Returns, We Didn't Plan To Kill Our Guest and This Could Be On Broadway! and three web series: Wayward Guide For The Untrained Eye, Choose Our Destiny and The Solve It Squad! Back in Biz. They have also created two short films: Idle Worship and Flop Stoppers as well as numerous other projects including the Brooklyn Nine-Nine experience at San Diego Comic-Con 2019.

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Shitty Broadway[]

Created by Corey Lubowich, Curt Mega, Sinéad Persaud , & Mary Kate Wiles. Shitty Broadway is a series of cabaret show featuring a mix of music, comedy and musical comedy in a tribute to Broadway. Their current shows include the debut Shitty Broadway as well as a Halloween Special: Spoopy Broadway.

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Shipwrecked Comedy[]

This group has a wikia of its own: Shipwrecked Comedy Wiki.

Founded in 2013 by siblings Sinéad and Sean Persaud and later joined by Mary Kate Wiles and Sarah Grace Hart, Shipwreck Comedy is a production company committed to creating dynamic, funny, and intelligent content for digital spaces and beyond.

They have created a range of projects including four series: Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party, A Tell Tale Vlog, Kissing in the Rain and Headless: A Sleepy Hollow Story, multiple sketches and one short film: The Case of the Gilded Lily.

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This group has a wikia of its own: STARRY Wiki.

Written by Team Starkid member Matt Dahan and his writing partner Kelly Lynne D'Angelo, STARRY is a pop-rock musical about two brothers, Theo and Vincent van Gogh, and their journey together to find the power of expression.

The musical was workshopped in Los Angeles and has since been performed in concert at Feinstein's/54 Below. A concept album was also later released. The musical has featured many Starkid members including Dylan Saunders, Jaime Lyn Beatty, Mariah Rose Faith, Jeff Blim, and Lauren Lopez.


Royalties is a musical comedy web series created and executive produced by Darren Criss, who also starred in the series. Nick and Matt Lang co-wrote and also served as executive producers for the show. The series debuted on Quibi on May 31, 2020 and later moved to Roku following Quibi's shutdown.

Pixel Playhouse[]

Hosted by Vijay Nazareth and Graham Wetterhahn, Pixel Playhouse is a weekly online cabaret-style show with Broadway-catered themed nights.

Joey Richter was a special guest for their show "Social Distancing: The Musical." Curt Mega, Kim Whalen, and Robert Manion are frequent guests to their regular show, with Mariah Rose Faith and Jaime Lyn Beatty as additional featured guests.

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Team Red Vines[]

Team Red Vines is a promotional YouTube channel for the candy Red Vines. As part of their promotion for Red Vines, Joey Richter and Joe Walker created a series on the channel called Tasty Tests where they attempted to answer the question "What can't they do".

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The Potion Master's Corner[]

Joe Moses as Professor Snape interviews guests.

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Jim and The Povolos[]

Jim and the Povolos is a band created by several members of Team Starkid. The band features Brian Holden, Clark Baxtresser, Dylan Saunders, Jaime Lyn Beatty, Jeff Blim, Lauren Lopez, Mark Swiderski , Meredith Stepien and Nick Gage and is inspired by, but not including Jim Povolo.

They have released two albums, Seems Right and Make Party, as well as an EP called Holiday Club.


TalkFine is a music duo consisting of Clark Baxtresser and Pierce Siebers. They have released an album named Lesser Known Hits and also collaborated with Starkid to create the music for Ani: A Parody.

Rim Tim Timmy's Fun Time Hour[]

Rim Tim Timmy's Fun Time Hour is a podcast/vlog (the exact label is debated by the two hosts) series hosted by Jeff Blim and Jon Matteson, in which Jeff Blim takes on the character of Rim Tim Timmy and antagonizes Jon. It involves the two of them improvising their way through a conversation, the topic of which is brought by Jon every episode.

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Pulp Musicals[]

Pulp Musicals is a musical radio show created by Team StarKid member Matt Dahan. The first episode The Great Moon Hoax premiered on November 19, 2021 starring StarKid members Mariah Rose Faith and James Tolbert as the Stratford twins: Rose and Samuel. Curt Mega also features as Benjamin Park. '