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Paul Gabriel  (born November 22, 1995) is a stage manager fro Team StarKid. He worked as the stage manager for both The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals and Black Friday.

Early Life and Education[]

Paul attended college at Santa Monica College. He was also roommates with fellow StarKid Mariah Rose Faith Casillas with whom he lived for four years.


Paul has held various tech positions such as stage managing, designing light and sound, directing light and sound, and producing. He has stage managed for productions such as Where the Roses Bloom at The Boxwater, Los Angeles[1].


Paul worked as the stage manager for both The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals and Black Friday. He came into contact with the group after being recommended for the position of TGWDLM stage manager by Mariah Rose Faith Casillas. He has since featured on numerous StarKid livestreams.

Personal Life[]

Paul currently lives in Los Angeles with his dog, a Beagle, named Ace. He is an enjoyer of photography and runs a photography Instagram where he posts many of his photos including headshots for StarKid actors including Angela Giarratana and Mariah Rose Faith Casillas. He is an enthusiast of the movie Ratatouille, and he can spell the movie's name correctly on the spot. He also enjoys a good hot pickle anytime of year. Mariah Rose Faith Casillas has credited Paul with peer pressuring her into auditioning for the role of Ilse in the Pasadena City College Center for Art's production of Spring Awakening which she described as a defining role for her and is infintiely grateful to Paul getting her to auditon.

Paul dislikes being called “daddy” (but has since learned to mildly accept his bestowed title) He previously disliked being called "bro" but now accepts it.

Paul is well known for:

  • being a chicken master
  • hot pickles
  • being auncle
  • baby (babie? babey? babiey? babyiey? bebieyey?)
  • Stream Solar Power
  • paulthetics
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