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This page contains spoilers for Nightmare Time 2

Perky's Buds features in the second episode of Nightmare Time 2, and is the second story of the second season of the live-stream reading. It was livestreamed on October 30, 2021, and is available as a digital ticket.


It's finally happened. Emma Perkins has her pot farm... and it's glorious. The only problem? Those checkered-tail nighthawks that keep eating her weed! As the Hatchetfield Honey Festival approaches, Emma and her farmhand/graphic designer, Ziggs, fight to protect Perky's Buds from malevolent forces who'll stop at nothing to destroy the farm... or claim it for their own.


Cast Member Character(s)
Lauren Lopez Emma Perkins
Jae Hughes Ziggs
Joey Richter Ezekiel
Angela Giarratana Grace Chasity
Jeff Blim Gabe
Jon Matteson Carl Metzger, Nighthawk 2
James Tolbert Lars Metzger, Nighthawk 3
Nick Lang Louie Metzger, Nighthawk 1
Dylan Saunders Bob Metzger, Issac

Creative Team[]

Crew Member Job
Nick Lang Writer


Matt Lang Writer
Jeff Blim Composer
Matt Dahan Musical Director
Paul Gabriel Production Manager
Corey Lubowich Producer
Brian Holden Producer


Song Sung by
Perky's Buds Joey Richter
Jae Hughes


  • The synopsis for the episode was released on October 26, 2021.
  • According to Nick Lang, the idea for this story has been around since season one but was not used back then