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Pierce Siebers is a keyboardist, music director, and songwriter for Team Starkid. He is also a member of the band, Talkfine, along with Clark Baxtresser.

Pierce worked with Clark Baxtresser and A.J. Holmes to write songs for A Very Potter Senior Year. He went on to write songs for Ani: A Parody, again with Clark Baxtresser. Pierce also provided vocals, played the keyboard, and had a few lines in Ani. The same year, Pierce was a music directer and keyboardist for The Trail To Oregon.

For the 2016 production of Firebringer, Pierce served as music directer alongside Clark Baxtresser and once again played in the band.

In 2017, Pierce wrote music for and was one of the five producers for Movies, Musicals, and Me, a short youtube series created by Team Starkid.

Pierce is rarely seen in Starkid shows (aside from Ani), and he was not present for Starkid: Homecoming, however he can be seen in youtube videos for Talkfine's channel.

He deserves more appreciation.

A photo of the band Talkfine from the Tin Can Bros' website

Pierce and Clark carrying a keyboard.