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Professor Hidgens

Professor Hidgens (Henry Hidgens) is a character from The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals, portrayed by Robert Manion. He is an eccentric college professor who taught Emma and offered the main characters refuge during the invasion. However, it is later learned that although he offered them refuge, he wasn't without ulterior motives as he holds Emma and Ted hostage revealing that he had always had a passion for musical theatre.

The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals:

When we first meet Professor Hidgens, the alien invasion has already begun and Emma, Paul, Ted, Charlotte, Bill and an unconscious, affected Sam knock on his door. From this first interaction Hidgens' mental state is in question as it can be noticed that he has many eccentricities and he claims to have theorised this exact event taking place twenty years prior to when the invasion takes place. As the show goes on, Sam infects Charlotte and they attack the remaining members of the group. At the last minute, Professor Hidgens enters the scene and kills both of the aliens. When Bill and Paul go on a side quest to retrieve Bill's daughter, the professor captures Ted and Emma, revealing to them his true alliance to the alien invaders. An insight into his past is revealed by the song Show Stopping Number and his play Workin' Boys as he reminisces his college days and simpler times with his friends. Aliens disguised as his former college friends Greg and Stew then enter the scene and herd him from the stage. The last scene of Prof. Hidgens prior to his infection is seen as he walks in with the aliens and begs them to make him one of them. Hidgens is next seen waiting to ambush Paul as he goes to the alien's brain in order to destroy it and then again in the hospital when they go to infect Emma.

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