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Professor Henry Hidgens is a character in the Hatchetfield Universe. He is an eccentric college professor who harbors a secret passion for musical theater. He appears in The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals, The Hatchetfield Ape-Man, Forever and Always and Time Bastard. Professor Hidgens is played by Robert Manion.

Hidgens will appear in the Workin' Boys short film.

Production Played by Song
The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals Robert Manion The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals
Show Stoppin Number
Let Him Come
Let It Out
Nightmare Time Season 1 The Hatchetfield Ape-Man None
Forever and Always
Time Bastard

The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals[]

Hidgens first appears yelling at the meteor as it falls to Earth saying that he is ready for it and the contagion it brings. Later Hidgens appears watching Hatchetfield Action News with Dan and Donna. As Donna reports on the contagion spreading through Hatchetfield, Hidgens yells at the TV however he is interrupted by his doorbell ringing as Emma, Paul and their friends show up at his door.

The group seeks refuge at Hidgens' manor as a way of escaping the apotheosis sweeping through Hatchetfield. He reveals to the group that he predicted the apotheosis 30 years ago.

Hidgens is shocked to learn that the group has brought an infected Sam into his home and orders Ted to handcuff him to the chair. Hidgens then looks at Sam's open head wound and pulls a chunk of blue goo off his brain. He questions Emma on what it could be, agreeing with her as she identifies it as "blue shit". He theorizes that the meteor contained spores that allowed an alien race to invade Hatchetfield and then is about to leave to take the blue goo to his lab before Paul interrupts him and asks if he has anything to drink. The man appears offended before telling Paul that he has plenty of booze and takes him to his personal bar.

Hidgens later appears when Paul and friends are being attacked by the infected Sam and Charlotte. He shoots Charlotte and Sam killing them. He reveals that Sam is no longer human and was genetically reconstructed from the inside out as the aliens are merely wearing the human's skin as a disguise. He then threatens the remaining group with his shotgun telling them to sing the beginning of Moana as a way of deciphering whether or not they're alien. In response to their terrible singing he declares them human. After Bill gets a call from Alice saying that she's stuck in Clivesdale, Hidgens gives Paul his shotgun to aid him on his quest to go find her. Emma is going to go with Paul but Hidgens asks Emma to stay with him in his lab.

Later on, Hidgens theorizes that the meteor is acting as a central brain for the hive mind and suggests that the aliens may actually be saving humanity from themselves. When Emma theorizes that the destruction of the meteor could stop the spread of the infection, Hidgens injects her with a tranquilizer knocking her out. Off-stage he does the same thing to Ted.

When the two finally come around, they find that Hidgens has handcuffed them to chairs unable to escape. Hidgens then takes down all of the defenses protecting the manor from the aliens and says goodbye to his Alexa. He then reveals that the aliens are drawn to music due to a specialized gland that he discovered upon analyzing the body of Charlotte.

Hidgens reveals that one of his main passions in life is musical theater and begins to sing a song. He gets very into the song and offers to tell Ted and Emma the pitch for his musical Workin' Boys. While Emma declines, Ted agrees and Hidgens begins to sell them the show alongside exhibiting some of the songs and choreography. The room is soon invaded by alien zombies and Hidgens continues to sing with them, stuck in his musical fantasy. While Ted and Emma are freed by Paul who has managed to sneak back into the manor, Hidgens is killed by the aliens who rip out his guts and he becomes an infected human.

Hidgens later appears when Paul attempts to destroy the meteor as one of the aliens sent to mock him. Despite Paul destroying the meteor Hidgens once again appears as one of the infected humans that terrorizes Emma at Clivesdale hospital at the end of the show.

Black Friday[]

Hidgens is referenced by Emma as her "kooky reclusive biology professor" at the end of the show. She suggests that they go to his house after the events at Lakeside Mall.

Nightmare Time[]

The Hatchetfield Ape-Man[]

After hearing Lucy Stockworth talk on the news about the strange Ape-Man who once saved her life, Hidgens approaches her and admits that he believed he had captured the Ape-Man. He brings Lucy back to his manor where he introduces her to the Ape-Man, who eventually introduces himself as Konk. Lucy agrees to stay with Hidgens in order to help Konk learn to act like a human and find out more about him.

Hidgens watches as Konk and Lucy get closer and is amazed by the progress that Konk is making. However, the group are soon interrupted by Lucy's fiance Jonathan Brisby appearing at the manor. Upon seeing the ape-man, Jonathan proclaims that he's not an ape-man at all but simply a normal man much to Hidgens offence. However, once Lucy has broken up with Jonathan causing the two to both storm from the room, it is revealed that Konk is merely Ted in disguise and the two are using the ape-man disguise to attempt to gain Lucy's fortune.

Hidgens later takes Jonathan hunting where he reveals to the man that he is lying to Lucy and that Konk is simply a guy named Ted. Brisby is outraged and declares that he will tell Lucy when he gets back to the house. Hidgens mocks the man for his choice of words and chases him through the woods where he eventually shoots and kills the man. Later, back in the greenhouse, Lucy is attempting to get ahold of Jonathan on the phone when Hidgens returns. The woman leaves and Hidgens reveals to Ted that he killed Jonathan, much to Ted's horror. Ted attempts to back out of their deal and Hidgens is offended and decides that he must take matters into his own hands.

When Ted attempts to woo Lucy as Konk through dressing up in a tuxedo, Hidgens appears in the greenhouse and claims that he is the real ape-man not Ted. He then exposes Ted as a fraud through going through his phone. He then pulls out a gun and points it at the Duchess saying that her only choice is to marry he or Ted or to die. Lucy attempts to run and Hidgens tries to shoot her but Ted jumps in front of the bullet. Lucy traps Hidgens in the greenhouse and cradles Ted while he dies.

Hidgens then manages to escape from the greenhouse through smashing the glass and chases Lucy through the Hatchetfield Witchwood. She is eventually caught in one of his bear traps, Hidgens once again demands that Lucy give him her fortune, revealing that the $30 million would be enough to fund his show Workin' Boys. However, Lucy reveals that she spent all of her fortune in her hunt for ape-man and that she was marrying Jonathan for his money. While Hidgens is distracted, Lucy hits him with a tree branch, knocking him over and uses it to pry open the trap. She then climbs a tree, which Hidgens mocks likening her to Becky Barnes. As the man mocks Lucy he is picked up by the real ape-man, Chumby, who rips his arms off and leaves him to die.

Forever and Always[]

Hidgens acts as the officiant at the wedding of Paul Perkins and Emma Matthews in Forever and Always.

Time Bastard[]

After being rejected by all of the women at the wedding, Ted finds himself sat at the bar with Hidgens. As Ted reflects on his failed romantic pursuits, Hidgens reveals that he has some form of sexual relationship with both his Alexa and Siri. When Ted tells Hidgens about his lost love Jenny, Hidgens begins to reflect on his own past and indicates he had a relationship with Chad, one of the Workin' Boys revealed in Show Stopping Number.


  • Hidgens has some kind of foresight, but isn't nearly as powerful as Hannah Foster.[1]
  • Hidgens is not a happy person as he lives a lonely life filled with regret and unfulfilled dreams, and his best friend is an Amazon Alexa.[2]
  • Hidgens has been in isolation ever since he was struck by lightning, but does go out to teach and such.[3]
  • At one point in the TGWDLM script, before it was cut, Hidgens talked about the real-life dancing plague of 1518.[4]
  • Hidgens would be "100% susceptible" to Wiggly's influence according to Nick Lang.[2]
  • In Black Friday, Hidgens wouldn't have been at the mall as he mostly stays in his home, and having him appear in What If Tomorrow Comes would have been "far too distracting".[5]