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Robert "Rob" Manion is an Australian actor who has starred in two StarKid Musicals: Twisted (Gaston, chorus) and The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals (Professor Hidgens, Hot Chocolate Boy, and Police Officer).

Robert became part of Team StarKid when he won a songwriting competition for A Very Potter Senior Year. He also won a competition for costume design. His song wasn't used in the musical, but the producers of Twisted asked Robert to join the cast. During the StarKid Summer Season in 2014, Robert helped out backstage during Ani and The Trail To Oregon! In Firebringer, Robert also helped out backstage, such as holding Snarl's claws.

Robert used to be a big fan of Team Starkid before he won the songwriting competition. This is what Robert said in an interview about preparing for Twisted with Starkid: "Less than a year ago, I was just an audience member and have somehow jumped the fence into the other paddock and am performing with people whose craft I respect so highly. What's even more awesome is finding out that they are just as wonderful and inspiring off-stage as well as on."

Robert now resides in Los Angeles and has made a name for himself in the StarKid community with the now-iconic "Show Stoppin Number" from TGWDLM. Never stop, Robert Manion. Never stop.

He is most associated with God himself, in 2014 he tweeted, "lol just challenged God to a game of Mario Cart- planning on doing Rainbow Road." He soon deleted this tweet, because the day after, God was announced dead.

Also he is incredibly popular amongst fans. - Fans who can't wait to see more of him!

Robert will play Ethan Green in Black Friday

Is he...The Latte Hotte?

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  • Moritz Stiefel in Spring Awakening
  • Special Guest (himself) in Spoopy Broadway

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  • The Time of Our Lives
  • Dibs
  • Noirhouse
  • Fanshaw and Crudnut

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Robert answers fan questions regarding Twisted

Robert answers fan questions regarding Twisted.


Robert has a fairly successful YouTube channel attracting over 15 million views and 45,000 subscribers. He can also be heard on the channels HISHE and OnlyLeigh. He originally began using YouTube in 2007 with his channel called yayformerob.

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