Robert "Rob" Manion is an Australian actor who has starred in three StarKid Musicals: Twisted (Gaston, chorus), The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals (Professor Hidgens, Hot Chocolate Boy, and Police Officer), and his most recent roles as Ethan Green and Chris Kringle in Black Friday.

During the StarKid Summer Season in 2014, Robert helped out backstage during Ani and The Trail To Oregon! In Firebringer, Robert was the Production Assistant. He has also worked with Tin Can Brothers, having designed the set for Solve-It Squad Returns.

In 2019, Robert won the Los Angeles Broadway World award for Best Featured Actor in a Musical - Local for his performance as Professor Hidgens in The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals[1]

Robert now resides in Los Angeles.

"Fan-Turned-Friend" Edit

Robert befriended the group in 2012 through a songwriting competition for A Very Potter Senior Year with his winning song, The Wizard Duel. He also separately won in the category of costume design, without being realized by the officiators that he was the same person in both categories. Due to time restraints put on rehearsals, his song wasn't used in the musical. However, StarKid allowed him to sit alongside them at the Leakycon Q&A panel to present his song. Within the same weekend, he also was offered to fill in last minute for Jim and the Povolos at the Beat Kitchen, when Dylan Saunders was unable to make the performance. That following year, Robert was approached to join the cast of Twisted, thus marking his own StarKid debut.

Robert was a big fan of Team StarKid before he won the songwriting competition. In a 2013 interview about preparing for Twisted, Robert said:

"I'm originally from Tasmania, a lonely piece of land shaped like a broken heart that lies just off Australia's southern coast (literally, the opposite side of the globe to the cornflake-shaped Illinois). So, while I had seen StarKid's work online before, even just from a geographical standpoint, I never considered the possibility of being involved with the University of Michigan-originated group


"Less than a year ago, I was just an audience member and have somehow jumped the fence into the other paddock and am performing with people whose craft I respect so highly. What's even more awesome is finding out that they are just as wonderful and inspiring off-stage as well as on." [2]

Additional Theatre Edit

  • Choreographer- Heathers (2017- Tasmanian Production)
  • Moritz Stiefel- Spring Awakening (2018)
  • Special Guest (himself)- Spoopy Broadway (2019)

Filmography Edit

YouTube Edit

Robert answers fan questions regarding Twisted

Robert answers fan questions regarding Twisted.


Robert has a fairly successful YouTube channel attracting over 16 million views and 64,000 subscribers. He can also be heard on the channels HISHE and OnlyLeigh. He originally began using YouTube in 2007 with his channel called yayformerob, which centered around making Goosebumps fan videos.

On September 1st of 2019, he collaborated with fellow StarKid member Mariah Rose Faith when the two sang a cover of "Seventeen" from Heathers: The Musical on Mariah's Youtube channel.

On April 12th of 2020, Robert organized a reading of 1996's Scream with a number of other StarKids. Following this stream, Robert organized subsequent readings of Hocus Pocus and The Addams Family Values.

Additional Facts Edit

  • He stated during an Instagram live stream that he is 6 feet tall, but generally 6'1" in shoes.
  • He lives with Jon Matteson and Nick Lang.
  • He was only 19 during rehearsals for Twisted.
  • Throughout rehearsals for Twisted many of the Starkids would randomly use an Australian accent. Eventually, Brian Holden put out an email telling the other Starkids to stop.
  • He shares a birthday with friend and fellow Starkid, Mariah Rose Faith.
  • In 1999, he and his family moved to Japan and lived there a full year before returning to Australia.[3]
  • He had Tonsillitis during the run of The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals.
  • He loves John Mulaney.

Stuff Robert is great at Edit

  • choking on shit
  • having his twin brother choke on shit
  • indulging in the good old days on the football field with you best friends
  • quick changes (like holy mother he went from cop to Professor Hidgens in <2 mins how the fUCK-)
  • stopping the echo on Rim Tim Timmy's lives
  • having magical hats to give to children
  • having low blood sugar
  • making the chorus girls swoon
  • baritoning it up
  • being politically aware and active.
  • destroying trump on twitter
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