Holy Musical B@man!
Holy Musical Batman (album)
StarKid Company
Released April 13th, 2012
Label StarKid Productions

"Robin Sucks!" is a song from Holy Musical B@man! sung by the cast. The song was released as a free download several hours before the show's YouTube premiere to build anticipation.

An instrumental version of this song appears on the "That's What I Call StarKid! Volume 2" album.


Geeks: Batman doesn’t need a sidekick, undermines his whole aesthetic.

Whole thing just gives me a headache, Robin sucks!

Commissioner Gordon and Citizens: He may be a solid dude, but Batman he needs solitude.

Plus he plays the frickin’ flute, Robin sucks!

Tanya said that Larry said he wets the bed.

He probly does, he’s only ten, Robin sucks!

Robins aren’t scary, they’re completely ordinary.

Might as well call him canary, freakin’ Robin sucks!

Robin’s aren’t common, they’re the state bird of Wisconsin.

So, what else do you need to know, Robin sucks!

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