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Ron (Ronald) Weasley is Harry Potter's best friend. Harry and Ron met--Ron not knowing at first Harry was famous-- at King Cross station, while Harry was having trouble getting to station 9 3/4. During this scene we

Richter as Ron Weasley

meet Ron's family:
  • His mother, Molly
  • His father, Arthur
  • His brother, Percy
  • His twin brothers, Fred and George
  • His brother, Bill
  • His brother, Charlie
  • His sister, Ginny

He is known for entering the room for the first time in each play saying "Did somebody say Ron?" He is also often seen eating various different snacks, but his most well known snacks are a giant Hershey bar and a pack of Red Vines. In both plays, upon mentioning Red Vines, Ron (and sometimes Harry) will look towards the camera and advertise the candy. This candy gave him one of his most famous quotes ("Red Vines--What the hell can't they do?") and he used it to save everyone from being killed by Peter Pettigrew in the first installation of the play. He is also known for his blue headband, which we learn in the sequel was given to him by Harry. Harry wore the headband to cover up his scar, but after learning how famous he was from Ron's song "Harry Freakin' Potter", he gives it to Ron.

Ron's sexuality was determined by the Scarf of Sexual Preference, which told him he was "Bi-Curious". This is slightly shown in the Musical, wheras upon leaning that mating with Firenze could lead to death, he tried to observe the exact reason way.

  • Ron and Harry are best friends. They became quick friends after discovering they both had an undying love for Red Vines. They both enjoy breaking the rules, and Ron puts aside his fear of Voldemort to save Harry, showing that he truly cares about him. They rarely fight, but have a small, unimportant argument between them about who loves Zac Efron the most.
  • Ron and Hermoine have a love-hate relationship. It is clear that Ron is somewhat attracted to Hermoine, although he often teases her for of appearance. He and Draco Malfoy elaborated their feelings for her in the song "Granger Danger", where he realizes his love for her.
  • Ron and Snape are on better terms than portrayed in the movie. They both team up and take turns making fun of Hermoine.
  • Ron and Draco greatly dislike eachother, and this is fueled even more by the fact that they both are in love with Hermoine.
  • Ron and Ginny aren't on such great terms. While Ginny never shows any bad feelings towards Ron, he thinks of her as needy and annoying and prevents her from hanging out with his friends. However, his mother often forces them to be together, and makes Ron watch after her.
Songs Featuring Ron
Song Title Musical
  • Not Alone
  • Voldemort Is Going Down
  • Granger Danger
  • Goin' Back To Hogwarts
  • Harry Freakin' Potter
  • Days of Summer
  • Hermoine Can't Draw
  • Musical
  • Musical
  • Musical
  • Musical
  • Sequel
  • Sequel
  • Sequel